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    i was just wondering what area’s in QLD are good for investing in positive cash flow properties… i keep hearing ipwich is good from ppl but i was just wondering what other ppl think… and would toowoomba or gatton or other places like that be good to look at?


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    Ipswich, Toowoomba and Gatton are typically not that good anymore for +CF unless you wanted to buy using 50% deposits.

    I know a number of places that are good in Qld. for +CF but the joys lay in self discovery.
    I beleive to find a good cashflow positive property these days you’ll probably need a mix of a house that’s nearly there and some creative value adding strategies that most investors would probably never think of.

    Keep looking, there are still gems waiting to be discovered…G7

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    To get a good sense of what types of development will be allowed in different regions in S.E. QLD & to see future infrastructure & transport route plans, it is worthwhile having a read of the these documents:

    1. Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan (available at

    2. South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program 2005-2026 (also available at


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    Rockhampton still has them if you look closely, and there are a few mining areas as well… they come up every now and then in places like Ingham, Ayr etc


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    look in Goodna area.So many development is going to happen in that area.
    In response to g7,it seems to me that you do not like to share any info with other investors.If you know something that can heip somebody,you better share it.In fact there is joy in sharing too.

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    It is extremely difficult to find ppt anywhere in southeast qld but you a looking in the right direction some deals still there but you might have to try value adding to achieve your goal
    good luck

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    I don’t think G7 was being coy.. there jsut isn’t really a straight answer. Really, is there any state that you can say there are +’ve properties at this location? I don’t think so.

    Try to reduce the areas you need to look at first (IMOHO), set yourself some guidelines such as towns/city’s over a certain population size. Also places on the main arterial transport links are another place to look. JB (JasonBourne) also had top advice on the state govt development plans.

    Who knows SB_11, in a couple of months you may be back here telling us where we should be looking!

    Good article in the Courier Mail today on Rockhampton and Mackay still having positive growth.

    Hope this is of some help.


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    I would suggest that you look in reginal areas and try to do something creative with the property to increase the rent return.

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