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    Has anyone on this site ever considered buying property in East Timor (possibly land only) for the long haul. If so – how would you go about it? There are no agents there as far as I can tell from searching the net?

    I’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who can shed some light on this subject.

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    Not much I know.
    Plus I’m sure that you will pay 10 times the price on the net then if you go in person.
    Also the chances of the ET going bananas with the australians and nationalising all bad foreiners properties is a distinct possibility since, as you know, we are stealing all their oil [blink]

    Not a bad idea though, I was thinking of buying in Cuba and wait for the end of the Fidel era, yet you can only buy commercial property there, residential is off limits, “no speculation allowed comrad” he he.

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    Check and see whether or not they have a proper titles office and survey division such that you know that the land you are buying is infact the land you were buying.

    A very large Australian oil company looked at putting a base there, but was put off and eventually binned the idea as no-one could definitely survey the supposed title.



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    firstly my background, i am speak timorese and have been over there a few times and have friends there.
    the problems that arise are:
    the indonesian military (in particular the generals) whilst living in ET stole alot of land to build coffee plantations. (this is why the military didnt want to leave by the way).
    and since they have gone, there are no records of who owns what land. its relied upon by word of mouth. there are also disputes arising because i a family had their land stolen 25 odd years ago, and now another family are saying its their land. who do you believe?
    the locals are living way below the poverty line ie 2 dollars a day at best, and with still very little infrastructure there, who are you going to rent to? the Non Gov’t Organisations (NGO) usually stay at hotels just to be on the safe side. crime is up, gangs of children are everywhere (called rascals i think)
    hope this is some help



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    Thanks Marc, Dazzling and Shaun for your responses. You all have very valid points to make in regard to possible land ownership in ET.

    Regards – moolah [blush2]

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    Wow. A new low in property specutlation

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