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    Hi, got some questions for you smart guys

    How do you make an offer to a motivated seller? (does anyone have sample scripts?)
    How do you put the offer in writing? Is the Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Estate the same as the putting the offer in writing?

    Thanks in advance


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    How do you make an offer to a motivated seller? (does anyone have sample scripts?)

    I’m assuming you aren’t making your offer through an agent?

    On a letter:

    To the owners of XXXXXXXXXXX property


    Dear Homeowners,

    My name is emcdonald I am currently looking to buy within the area and noticed your home is currrently on the market.

    I have noticed your property has been on the market for XX amount of days, and as it is still listed on and the sign is still up front I assume it is still for sale and not under contract.

    After researching similar properties I have become interested in making an offer on your home. My terms will be XXX with regard to finance and XXX with regard to settlement.

    I have enclosed a letter of intent to purchase with my proposed terms. Should you wish to discuss the matter further with me I can be reached on XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    Kind regards,

    e x

    I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after Jack Hu, or what you would define as a ‘motivated seller’ but this would be the approach I would use if not going through an agent…

    e x

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    So you’re a cross forum spammer!

    You’ve been getting around lately.



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    Ummm… a motivated vendor. Few of them around up here. We use face to face if not exclusive agent listed. We ask them their needs based reasons for sale. We talk about opportunities which we can create with them. We might go so far as to write something down on a pad about what we are both looking for. Then we will usually thank them for their time, with the understanding reached on what we may be doing together after we’ve checked out with our legals. We always suggest they check out with theirs. If the numbers stack up we are back within 24 with a draft offer contract.
    Of course there’s those times we just be a little cheeky and (if they have a displayed fax no somewhere) we’ll just fax them a standard offer not dissimilar to those suggested by “ex”. Everyone is different, but its about finding solutions to the vendors needs – preferably fairly urgent needs – because we are all motiviated, its just a question of why and for what.

    Bob Parker
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    How do you make an offer to a motivated seller?

    Hum…I’m not a smart guy because I don’t understand the question.[blink]
    How to….hum…Say Mr Smith is selling and asking $300,000 for his property. Do you need to know how to offer $300k to Mr Smith?
    Hum [cigar]

    OK this is my 2 cents advice…. You say…Dear Mr Smith, I would be delighted to pay you $300,000 for your lovely home.
    Yours sincerely
    Mr Who

    Now if you want my 2 dollar advise here it goes:

    You put on one your gardening cloths, possibly the one that are not very clean, (don’t forget a hat) jump in your son’s car if it is a bomb otherwise borrow a bomb of a car and go to Mr Smith in person. Offer an offer that is so low that you are embarrassed to utter the number and are thinking in some euphemism for it. In this case try $200,000 (you can say “I give you two…you know?”)and remember to mention that the rest of the money you had to spend on your aunties funeral, to help out your uncle who’s farm was repossessed by the bank and you are sending money to 14 different children in Africa.[biggrin]

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    what you must have… always does.”

    ……….– Doug Firebaugh

    May God Prosper you.[biggrin]

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