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    I really don’t like my bank at the moment. There are inconsistensies with my bank statement.
    So I’ll ask a question,

    Which bank do you recommend to have as a transaction and or savings account? Also, why would you recommend it?

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    That will totally depend on number of transactions and whether you are willing to use internet account.

    To avoid paying excessive bank fees I use about 5 different account- but use two accounts mainly.

    Find out about your needs, whether it be mainly for paying bills etc, and find an account that suits you.

    One tip, to avoid excess bank fee I take the money that you will use for the week and leave it at home.

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    I would avoid using the NAB, I have heard nothing but trouble when dealing with them.

    St George have a debit card that uses the VISA network and seem to have very competitve products and fee structures.

    I have also heard good things about ANZ and Westpac. Also Commonwealth are going through a major restructure.

    Credit Unions and smaller banks (Bendigo for example) can also be quite good but usually they are limited to a geographic region which can be a bit of a pain, but apparently you can get the same kind of debit card I mentioned above (i.e. connected through the VISA network).


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    Hi techhowse
    Let me start by saying all banks suck, they are a bunch of rip off B*#&*##s. Now I have that off my chest I like Bendigo bank at least they are friendly and you don’t have to line up for hours.
    I will tell you a story that happened to me not long ago concerning one of the big banks you know the one “which bank”
    I was standing in the line of about 12 people waiting to be served and of course there was only 2 tellers on. After about 5 minutes one of the tellers disappeared completely. After another 5 minutes the last remaining teller disappeared. Since there were only 2 to start with this left zero tellers. By this time there were about 20 people waiting. After about 5 more minutes we natives in the line were getting a bit restless by this turn of events. After around 2 to 3 minutes longer some one poked their head out of the back room and promptly disappeared again. Around 2 minutes later 2 new tellers casually strolled in as if nothing was wrong and started to serve people again. I finally got served and as I was walking out of the bank I noticed the first two tellers quietly puffing away on smokes in the corridor next to the bank. Seems they needed the nicotine fix more than seving the customers.

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    I would question Commonwealth Bank.

    I apply over the internet for a homeloan last week, 48 hours later I receive phone call advising loan was approved and my local branch would contact me re paperwork signing. Two hours latter I received another phone call from the Commonwealth advising the loan application was rejected. Ten minutes latter I receive another call from the local branch requesting meeting to sign the papers.

    Every bank is disorganised and full of bureaucracy. If one bank can’t help you move on to the next, remember you are the client and if you are not respected as a client find someone who will….


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    Thanks to all who replied.

    I’m currently with “which bank?” and I fully concur, the service is terrible. One day I needed to organise my accounts and they mentioned that I needed to reprint my account details on the special card, I was told to sign the card, for the bank’s reference. Before doing anything, I read what was below on the card. (Probably the terms and conditions). The lady who served me seemed to have a problem with me reading the fine print. She insisted I quickly sign the paper card. Looks as if she needs a bit more patience and I need a bank change.

    FF Comm, St George has a debit card on VISA? I’m going to check that out! thanks!

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    I am extremely content with the ANZ Bank. Their online banking is exceptional and I love it that you do not need to fill in any forms when depositing funds – they just swipe my card and I rarely see a queue. Also, they have a great transactional offset account if you decide to get a home loan.

    Your decision should also be based around your financing situation (eg: offsetting etc.)

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    I’ve had a great run with the CBA and still do to this day.

    Service is outstanding for our group and their rates for what we are doing are the best of anyone.



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    Hi Guys,

    CBA all the way…! (thumbs up)

    ANZ… i dont thinks so, they seem to have a problem with people earning money and the ability to service debts, while some people who have no income are able to still get credit cards and personal loans through them… (worse bank i believe)


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    I find that ING for savings is great (5.40%) if you are after a simple savings account, and ANZ have been really good to me.

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    when it comes to fronting up for a loan…its better to have a great bank manager than a great bank. I have a great repoire with my manager and would seriously follow her to a different bank if she changed. When you find a manager who invests and understands what your trying to achieve – dont let them disappear – woops …i should have said manager/manageress

    “love the deal – like the property”

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