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    I attended the master class in Melbourne and would recommended the class for others interested in property investing. It will open up new ideas for you.

    I’m going over to NZ and I’m interested in people’s thoughts on property management in NZ. I have heard conflicting stories

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    Hi kaos

    i’m not sure what you have heard, but this is my take on it a s an investor in NZ for nearly 2 years.
    1, You must use a property managers
    2, generally NZ PM’s are of a lesser standard than those i’m used to in OZ,
    3, as with Australia there are some bad ones and some excellent ones.

    Sorry yopu question is hard to answer , its sort of like asking what are PM like in OZ, ? they are all individuals. Some take well but fail to deliver .

    regards westan

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    The worse your property is and the less you want to keep it maintained and spend money on it, the more problems your property manager will have getting top dollar for it. then you will blame your rental manager and it might not be their fault.!

    Basically if you have a decent property and are a good landlord and attend to things promptly, when your rental manager says fix a paling on the fence then do it, when the stove is busted then get it fixed within 3 days and keep your tenant happy, etc etc, then your rental manager will love you, you will love them, you will get good service from them, their life will be easier so they will prioritise you and your properties, not to mention your properties will stay fully tenanted and your rental manager will be asking you when you are going to buy some more for them to rent!

    I bought some ‘disgusting dumps’ on purchase and did them up prior to tenanting and they have worked very well for me and been very popular with my rental manager and tenants, with less frequent changeovers (i.e. tenants staying longer) than my un-renovated properties.

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    Like all professionals you probably get the good with the bad. Personally I use an excellent property manager in Wellington that I can’t recommend enough! Very thorough with literally 24 hour contact. All this for 5% management fee.

    Shop around and go for referrals if you can.



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