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    I attended Steve’s Master class today and it was fantastic. The most relevent pieces of information I took away from the discussion was that you can use multiple trusts to purchase under which expands your borrowing capacity, and that you need a plan, not just to buy, but also a strategy to hold and sell. This had been the biggest cause of my bottlneck with obtaining finance in the past couple of months, but I have to say, I’ve seen the light! I would recommend this course to anyone, irrespective of how many properties you have. It is not a junior conversation, but it does address some very fundamental principles!

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    Hi there. I am another who attended Steve’s Masterclass today and it was indeed fantastic. This gem about multiple trusts was great but the other part were the formulea that brings in more scientific fact and direction into our investing strategies. The other gem was that we need to focus not just on the property but also the buyers, sellers and money all at the same time. I will be attending another of these classes for sure.


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    What an great day! It was long, packed with informative sessions with very short breaks, but so absorbing that it passed all too quickly. It’s given me the inspiration to review my whole investment strategy and the tools to do it with. Looking forward to 13 August.

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    Like Kim, I attended the masterclass today and not only is this my first of three posts, but my first post here ever. I got a few things out of today on several levels. On a practical investing level, a few things that were hazy and therefore preventing me from moving forward with investing, became clearer. There’s still some stuff I need to find out, (that’s where my other posts for today will come in handy) but at least I’m moving forward. But I guess the biggest thing I got out of today was inspiration. Seeing and hearing from ordinary people, some in much much worse financial situations than myself, (big cheers John and Ronda), about how they made property investing work for them, was a reminder that I can do this and make it work.

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    Hello, well here’s my first post of 3 from today’s Masterclass.

    I noted down from a “stab in the ribs” from Steve that I have been complacent and kept 2 underperforming properties and I really can’t ignore them any longer.

    Also, I am not being accountable for meeting my goals. I have them written etc but there is no accountability if I don’t take action to meet them.

    Finally, that I have to recognise when I am in the Frustration stage and get out into the next phase.

    skippygirl :)

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    This is my 2nd post of three, I heartily agree with you guys, the seminar was fantastic! I need to do some further research on setting up a Company/Trust structure – see Wealth Guardian- it is an amazing strategy to prevent hitting a glass ceiling with bank finance.
    Thanks Steve,


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    Hi all i also went to the melb m/class this is the second time for me and i understood alot more this time round .
    It was a good day and i realy enjoyed my self even though we run out of time in the end but there was alot more imformation this time round which i know will get me to the next level of propery investing.
    So thanks all for a good day.[biggrin]CLD

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    It helped me identify some underperforming properties too. They are now with the agent and on the market.

    Velocity of money !

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