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    Sen / Anubis,

    Sorry, but when did I require any conformity from anyone ??

    I simply stated that there are two sides to the person in question…. Sorry for not blindingly conforming with your views that Jenman is a saint……

    Sen, by the way…… I contribute quite a lot to society, through gifts of hardware, time, goodwillm and yes MONEY….. We donate to private individuals in need, and, to the big charities…. we MORE than do our share…..

    My beef is with people on both sides of the argument getting aggro when the other side won’t accept a different view….

    I simply stated facts about Jenman…. if you can’t handle the facts then I suggest you try the fiction section of your local bookshop……

    oh yeah and guys…… whilst we do wrap, we do a lot of other things as well…..

    as I mentioned…. AGAIN…. it’s about Mr. Jenman being impartial….. now, tell me, how is it that he can be that, when he is clearly benefiting from his scaremongering, which, by the way is aimed at channeling people to his agents….. earning him a fee…….

    Come on… you can’t tell me you are that gullible are you ???

    for the record, FOR THE umpteenth time, I AGREE NEIL JENMAN DOES GOOD WORK in exposing some of the sharks out there….. BUT having said that…. he takes aim at a lot of people without having the facts in hand FIRST……

    Maybe I should put it to you differently….. “SEN… hmmm. that must mean that you drive a Holden Senator…. what a piece of crap car… after all it’s made by a US company called General Motors…….”

    OK, now, what I’ve written is basically how Jenman writes his articles….. peppered with a bit of the truth, but a whole lot of fiction……

    Do we get it now ???

    1. Not attacking Sen or Anubis, but it seems you guys fell for the bait thinking I was….. sad to see you cant have a debate without the undies getting too tight……


    3. All entitled to our opinions

    4. Getting back to the Original topic at hand… please refer to point 2…..

    Oh yeah…. did I mention, it’s about being impartial…. and about the FACTS……

    over and out…..

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    Ok pelican – nice to see you can rationalise it to yourself, but I didn’t attack anyuone’s beliefs I merely countered irrationalism with irrationalism to show how ridiculous some of these comments are.

    I don’t worship Jenman – my dealings with his agents have been less than impressive and I don’t like the way they sell property.

    I think the best way to describe him is the anti-spruiker. Is he over the top and does he generalise – you bet. Is that what we get from property spruikers, “win/win” investors and the like – absolutely. It’s a balance thing.

    My whole point, which seems to have been missed, is that because I didn’t agree with your view you labelled me Neil Jenman in disguise and yet you now say you didn’t want me to conform anyway.

    Healthy, vigorous discussion is one thing – but you seem to slip into insinuation when it suits you and then cry foul because it isn’t a healthy discussion anymore.

    Bored now.

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    You seem to be the one with the tight panties now. I thought that it was a healthy debate.. I’m not condoning nor condemning anyone. I just stated that the work that Jenman does helpd consumers. Keeping that in mind, a lot of consumers need to let go of whoever’s hand that they are holding and take a bit of responsibilty for their own actions. A lot of people out there are too gullible for their own good and fall to the like of Henry Kaye.

    I haven’t seen these bad sides of Jenman that you are talking about, so I can’t argue too heavily with you on that point. Perhaps you have had more to do with him than I have, I merely go off my own research and what I know and read.

    I consider myself a sceptic on pretty much any matter and I also look for people’s hidden agendas, but I’m not yet convinced that Jenman does have any. I understand that he recieves a fee for his “memberships and training” but as far as I know (and I do know a couple of people that work in offices under the Jenman System – not his “approved” offices however) he doesn’t recieve any commission, just an annual fee for his training. Personally I can’t see the harm in that. After all, he obviously needs some funding to do what he does in consumer protection. He doesn’t get paid for that.

    Anyway, I can appreciated that everyone has their own view on the matter, and so is your right to. My view is, good on him for doing what he does. After all, no-one else is doing or has done the same thing out of their own back pocket…

    As for the car, “that must mean that you drive a Holden Senator…. what a piece of crap car… ” Again, that is what I choose to drive, I could have bought a BMW for similar or even less money. But I chose not to, because that is the car that I like.. Sorry it’s not to your liking.. But hey, you don’t have to drive it!!

    Sen [cap]

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    I am not on the Jenman payroll. I have had no previous dealings with him.

    I have been to his website and read with interest the articles on it. I think he does a good job of educating the public about the corruption and dishonesty of those in the real estate industry.

    I have emailed him twice about the content of his articles and both times he has sent a personal reply with a good explanation.

    In my books, he’s OK. Those who don’t like him, do you have any facts to support what he’s doing wrong? I am keeping an open mind.


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    I personally don’t like Neil. Make a living mostly by fuelling people’s fear will make you a saint and a witch at the same time.

    Think about this…If he’s someone who warns people about bad stuffs, he’s a saint. Unfortunately I’ve never seen a guy who works around ‘the negative side’ without even making a mistake. I’ve read a report years back when Neil accused a person – I don’t remember his name – of doing dodgy deal, when in fact what this guy did was legitimate, he’s just making lots of profit because of the big profit margin. [R U opposing big profit? I am not. Plus Legitimacy is according to the law.]

    I don’t know people’s view but I respect them regardless. I just think that If you work on the positive side, you could be too positive and assume a bad thing as positive thing because you’re too positive. On the other way, if you work on the negative side, you could be trapped being too negative.

    Hey, and btw, I’d say Steve McKnight is on the positive side and he does give some warning. So some people could be positive and give warning too.

    In conclusion, life works in synergy. One extreme is balanced with the opposing extreme, so there you go we got a balance. eq. Parliament in Canberra – we got Uncle Johnny Howard on the right, balanced by Mr Kim “Beast” Beazley on the left. It creates Balance in Australia.

    You could listen to Neil – as I do, but filter up what he says, so you could make up your own view whether it’s right or wrong, just like if you listen to any other people.

    Keep The Spirit Up!

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    “Eat the meat and spit out the bones…” a wise man once told me when I questioned a style of teaching. Use your discernment.[buz2]

    IMHO those folk who take an aversion to people such as NJ do themselves a disfavour, as it closes down the door of opportunity for them to learn from him. I prefer to learn from as many different angles as I can. Doesn’t mean I agree with everything they say ‘though[biggrin]


    “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” ~ GOD ~ (Jeremiah 29:11)

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    Wow. Apart from not understanding the link between “wrapping” and “neil jenman” (does neil jenman dish wrappers?), I found this topic fascinating. I had to duck out to research wrappers but having gotten my head around that (I’m an old fashioned type of property investor and don’t rap/wrap), I found the satire and biting repartee quite invigorating. Pricked into making an observation, I think the easiest way to assess someone’s motives is to link what they do or say to who benefits as a result. To the extent Neil Jenman benefits as a result of the “warnings” he gives, he lacks genuine credibility. You really truly can’t have your cake and eat it too. That aside, I continue to read and learn. Cheers.

    [email protected]

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    Sorry If Ive missed it, but WHO is Neil Jenman?



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    Morning all,

    as a side note, I have long been a critic of Mr Jenman and recently took the time to write to him debating and refuting some of the claims he made in a recent published article on his website.

    To my suprise not only did i receive a detailed email back within 24 hours, it also addressed my questions without trying to side step the issue.

    For what it’s worth, although i don’t necissarily agree with his policies I have a new found respect for Mr Jenman…

    e x

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    If you make lot’s of money from real estate “ahem” using “creativity” you may just may, dislike what Niel has to say.

    If you just want to buy a house to call home he is a champion.

    I have found Mr Jenman to be easy to communicate with and forthright in his assertions. The market would be a lot better with more of his “type” than the get rich shonks polluting the market.

    BTW – investing at the start of a bubble does not make you an expert

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    With that said, I have locked this topic.

    If you have anything to say to Mr. Jenman then you may email him direct at [email protected]


    – Admin

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