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    Hi, can anyone give me a link to what land zonings mean in Qld?

    I’m at a loss to find it out.


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    Hi Sanquar

    Welcome to the forum.

    Most zonings in Queensland are regulated by the council in which the property stands. You can fins some of these details at the individual council web sites but generally you are better off contacting that council for the specific location.

    If you looking at a particular development-ASK if its okay and then get it in writing


    Happy Hunting

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    Thanks Debt. I just thought the was a QLD wide zoning code set in place by individual councils… I’ll chase it up…


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    Zoning codes are different all over QLD. Townsville has just changed their zoning prior to Christmas. What was once a Zone 2 is now a Zone 3.[blush2]

    As previously stated you are best to ring the council in that particular area.[biggrin]


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    Jenny are you saying that all TSV’s Zone 2 areas are now Zone 3. and is Zone 3 the same as Res 3.
    Has Thuringowa changed as well

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    Here since 2002, however things have evolved over the years.

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    Just found prior to Dec 2004 the property I was interested in (townsville) was zoned 2. Now since the change I have seen the same property zoned res 3. I don’t know if it effects all property in TSV all I know is it is v confusing[confused2]

    It just pays to ask individual councils re zoning on a particualr property. I found the agents are just as confused

    Cheers Jenny


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    If you look on council web sites they will tell you all the zonings in that area and what each zoning allows.
    Eg: In Caloundra City Council Res A – Purely residential housing
    Res B – Townhouses up to 2 storeys + duplexes
    Res C – Larger Developments up to 4 storeys
    Each council has slightly different rulings.
    So, pick your area and research through that particular council.

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