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    count me in……i would love to buy a 2nd property in NZ….but i want to renovate the ppor as well hopefully i can do both getting the deposit together is the hard part any financial ideas would greatly be appreciated [email protected]

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    Hi All,
    We are going to buy property in NZ as well. Planning to head to NZ after attending Steve’s Master Class in March. Currently searching for NZ properties on the net and will head over earlier if we find a deal. We would also welcome any deals from bird doggers.

    Must say thank you to everyone for the tips and advice about NZ investing. Keep them coming.[smiling]

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    G’day all,

    there still seems to be plenty of interest in NZ.

    I’m heading over in a few weeks to do some inspections on the ones I have over there. I’d like to purchase a couple more in NZ, maybe later this year. If the numbers work!


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    just testing the water..need to know more.. it usually is the case that if everyone knows about it the profits been made already…

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    Originally posted by lazyboy:

    Hi all.
    I’m a kiwi (don’t hold that agaist me!)

    Are you ashamed of your country of birth?

    My Fiance is a kiwi.

    I’ve worked with plenty of Kiwi’s and they’d love to have a chat with you about your heritage.

    Perhaps you might like to look at your countries rich heritage and history, look at the people who made your country great before you post such rubbish again.

    you’ve bought into the whole Kiwi bashing [email protected] that happens here in Oz. If you have such thin skin that you have to appologise for your heritage may I suggest that you return to NZ where you can hold your head high when you next say that you are a Kiwi?

    For shame

    Air goes in and out. Blood goes round and round. Any variation is a bad thing

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    Hi everyone and thanks for your contibutions.

    It looks like 2005 will continue to be a year of heavy buying in NZ. Good luck to everyone (not that i believe in luck, that was a bad choice of words.)
    Yack you said
    “As the yields are no longer good and there has already been alot of capital gain, now may be the time to move back to Aussie”.
    I was in Oz for a 4 weeks in Dec and it just reminded my why so many of my country men (and women) are keen to buy in NZ. The returns in Victoria are terrible , so NO Yack its not yet time for me to buy investment props in Oz again, in fact i can’t see me ever buying for cash flow again in Oz ??? As far as not buying outside of your suburb, come on Yack there a big wide world out there that will make you richer ![biggrin]
    You’ve done well on your investing so if thats whats working for you then well done.

    regards westan

    I live in New Zealand and for a fee find cash positive deals there, email me at [email protected] to join our database

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