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    Hi Julia,

    I think the template Steve is referring to is a template of particular words like wrap, Steve etc. If you type any of these words in your posts then hey presto they are automatically underlined and up pops the advertising that Steve so chooses.

    I guess you can’t blame him for plugging his wares wherever he can on his own site so the choice is leave, put up with it or avoid the “words”. This would in practicality be pretty pointless imo. We don’t know what all the words are in the template so you would be editing your posts all the time to remove them. Unfortunately, they don’t show in preview. After time you would know them all but can you be bothered?

    I really enjoy your posts. It’s great to have a professional give so freely. Can I ask if you do pack up and go that you go to Somersoft or one of the other property related sites? We’ll organise a welcome party!

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    Hi Oldtimer,

    I think if you have a read of the current topics in Somersoft (especially Accounting & Tax) you will find Julia has recently made (and hopefully will continue to do so) some brilliant contributions, much appreciated by many, myself included.



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    Thanks Jo and Oldtimer,

    Yes I had a look around Somersoft last night.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Julia Hartman
    [email protected]

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    Hi all

    well i’ve been away for a few weeks and this is one addition that i also find anoying, when i first started reading them i too thought that people had chosen to highlight those points. I agree with julia that it appears like we indorse these products our names are linked to.
    Well i’ll be safe my spelling is so bad i’ll never get affected. Maybe you should learn not to spell, like me, see how it works cas h flow, stev Mcnite,

    regards westan

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    I think they’re great, as I said in the first thread on them when they first appeared.

    But, can I suggest that you adjust your template so that you include a space character before and after the word you want to link from? i.e. “[]map[]” instead of “map”. In this way you won’t get all the weird links where the word forms a syllable of another completely unrelated word such as “booking flights” or “homaphobic” etc.

    Also, please allow them to show up in the preview pane. It would make editing before posting that much easier.


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    Loss of job…….

    Who voted in that political party………

    why is my son so gifted in dropping things……

    phone bills……..

    power bills – can’t even afford to run the falim A/c……..

    who parked in my spot……..

    Honestly, whit all the worry that is our lives already, why get ticked off with something like that? Aren’t we used to advertising from TV, cereal boxes, billboards, etc to not be phased by something so trivial?
    Every-one has the opportunity to put a disclaimer at the bottom (in their signature) that could state” I don’t endorse Steve’s products!”, boom-boom! You don’t have to get upset anymore and the rest of us don’t have to miss out on your expertise.

    Don’t know about you, but the idea itself is rather clever and I realy have enough on my plate not to waste my time worrying aboutendorsements or advertisements. Having said that, there are some good suggestions in this thread and I hope that Steve or Admin take them on board to minimise the negative effect felt by some.

    “Don’t worry, be happy!”


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    I know one thing… I would much rather a few underlined words and the odd ‘Ads By Google’ type box instead of banner ads and side-banners flashing all over the place. What about those annoying pop-ups??? Thank god for pop-up blockers and that Steve has not included them!

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    Points are being noted, considered and acted upon.


    – Admin

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    Personally I also dislike the green underlining as it does reek of presenting the impression that the poster endorses whatever Stev is advertising.

    Personally I’d be happy to see a banner advertisement or even google search styled text ads that are contextual to the thread but separated from individual posts such that it’s clear what is and isn’t site-based advertising as opposed to individual investor endorsements.

    However at the end of the day this is Stev’s site and anyone who dislikes it can simply vote with their keyboard and misspell all words with ad links.



    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

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    It is interesting you suggested the exact things I said I didn’t like.

    I consider all those people who think an underlined green word in their post to be an endorsement when this is a commercial website as PETTY!

    GET OVER IT!!!

    The forumite formally known as Big Rob

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