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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to know if anyone in Queensland has used the wrap kit and if it related to QLD laws (I read on another post it relates mostly to VIC), or is it more general.


    Karl and Rita

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    Karl & Rita

    I think you will find it is more specific to Vic than Qld which has a few anomolies in wrapping.

    If you are interested in a Wrap Kit specific to Qld which includes a sample contract please feel free to PM me and i will provide you details of ours. Alternatively visit our website

    Cheers Richard
    richard at

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    I’m from NSW & love the wrap kit.

    I recently wrapped a property in Qld & found it extremely useful. I didn’t use the supplied contract, leaving the contract to my solicitor.

    The advice and templates are invaluable.


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    Hi Shushar

    May I ask who your solicitor is…Currently looking for a good solicitor who understand L/O and wraps to provide me with contracts for QLD and possibly for NSW.

    Kind regards

    MagnumPI [blink]

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    I’m PMing you with a few recommendations in Qld, NSW and Vic. You won’t do better than Richard (Qlds007) in Brisbane for wrap advice, contacts etc.

    Greg F

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