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    Hi Guys

    For those of you who own properties in Tokoroa, then you may be interested in the following news item that appeared in this morning’s NZ Herald.

    Tokoroa welcomes prospect of ‘monster’ sawmill

    21.10.2004 – 1.00pm
    Battling timber town Tokoroa would welcome the new “world scale” sawmill wood processor Carter Holt Harvey yesterday said it was planning.

    Carter Holt said it was considering building a mill capable of processing 800,000 tonnes of logs a year and costing between $100 million and $150 million at either Marsden Point or at its Kinleith pulp and paper mill 7km south of Tokoroa.

    South Waikato Mayor Neil Sinclair today said it would be great to have New Zealand’s biggest mill near Tokoroa.

    “This is good news for Tokoroa. We need jobs and we hope this will provide them. We obviously have the infrastructure in Tokoroa in terms of good rail links through to ports and centrality for other transportation loads.”

    Mr Sinclair said the council had not had any talks with Carter Holt Harvey yet, but it was keen to do what it could.

    Kinleith union site delegate committee chairman Graham Holmes said the sawmill would be a real boost to Tokoroa.

    “CHH have been in the business of closing things down here; it would be nice to see them in the business of expanding their business here.”

    He said choosing to have the mill at Kinleith would have advantages because it would be in the middle of the Kinleith forest and had a rail head.

    – NZPA


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    Hi Muppet,

    There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge before there could be long term benefits to the local area.

    The article indicates the company is ‘planning’ and ‘considering’ and as such only speculators would buy a property in this area given that there is a huge difference between planning and completion.

    Too often I hear and read such announcements in the press only for the fanfare to turn into a resounding silence as feasibility studies reveal the economics of the proposed plan make the project unviable.

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    Hi Muppet,

    Thanks for the info…

    That is great news for the town…

    Hopefully it WILL happen, and the town will “ROCK” again! [biggrin]

    Tok’ deserves a break like this…



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    Sounds like very early stages. The media releases on the CHH website only say:

    “The company is also giving consideration to extending its wood processing operations through construction of a new world-scale sawmill.”

    They don’t even mention a possible location.

    Wait and see.



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