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    Don’t you think that if oil runs out and we move to other things, that will affect the US and the US dollar??

    Not negatively.

    But that’s up to the media/TV to let them know

    A logical statement.

    — Michael

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    Originally posted by AusProp:

    “Its funny that I fortold this outcome many moons ago but people just laughed me off. Well get ready caus here it comes!

    We are all made from Stars

    Hehe, there were in fact a small group of us Sal. I remember well the satirical resposes to our posts.


    …lets not start celebating the predictions just yet, it is yet to come true. And if you make enough negative predictions you are bound to get it right one day. Anyone that predicts the sky will fall down will eventually be proved right.

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    Just like your negative prediction on negative predictions Johnno?

    I dont see how the end of the oil by unaffordable pricing is a negative mate, the sooner we stop shoveling the crap in our automobiles the better mate. I dont really give a stuff about how much money anyone loses or makes, as far as I am concerned “It’s one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind” when all fossil fuels run out.

    Leys give the environment a break because after all, it aint greenbacks that keep the world spinning round……..its our kicked in the guts highly abused by mere mankind’s planet that’s keeping us all alive………….but not for long.

    Imagine how good life would be if we planted a tree avery time we filled our tanks??? When was the last time you planted a tree?? or maybe that’s a negative??

    Sorry for sounding negative but what about tommorrow?

    What about China? India? You did not think that they would be in the stone age forever?

    Its time to buy into the hydrogen era? If I only knew yahoo would be a big thing???

    Well here is your chance people, get on board!

    Green is gold!!!

    We are all made from Stars

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    When I was a school kid it was quite obvious that hydrogen power was the wonder fuel of the future. An oil shock will be dealt with by the market by forcing substitutions, so I agree that the increasing oil price is not necessarily a bad thing… somehting had to force the situation to change. Let’s just hope it doesn’t make less viable fossil fuel sources economically viable over hydrogen!

    Extensive list of ‘Off The Plan’ property available for sale in Perth.

    John – 0419 198 856

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    Let’s be careful that the discussion does not go ‘off topic’, and that we stick to investment rather than political statements (however relevant they may seem).

    The point I was trying to make is that while the effect can be debated, the uncertainty of higher oil prices and the instability of long-term trade deficits represents a significant shift in market conditions.

    This reaction will lead to another action, and should this ultimately result in a momentum shift, then the consequences for those who failed to at least consider (and hopefully prepare) for a downturn will be more dramatic than those who did.

    It’s better to plan for such things (just in case) than to be caught unawares.


    Steve McKnight

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    Success comes from doing things differently

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    So my solution (or Plan B) has been to be bullish on oil stocks.

    The strategy has been working nicely for the last year.

    There’s been some excellent returns from buying shares in oilers, and in pursuing more direct investments in the oil industry.

    There are still plenty of opportunities out there for those willing to do their research to understand the industry.



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    Got my vote.

    CTX (Caltex) one in my portfolio up 200% in the time Ive had it.

    Youd take that if it were property growth.

    Pity I didnt have the value of a house on it!
    There in lies a big difference!


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    They do the same thing day in day out and expect a DIFFERENT result.

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    Hi Aceyducey & Techa,

    you can bet you know where a portion… of my holdings are… (as long as OPEC keeps pumping out 24/7, and at their maximal limits)… your laughting…

    but oil prices.. i dont see them hurting property too much..


    Wanna Talk About Stocks

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    I got into a discussion on this over a BBQ last Saturday with a friend of mine who is a tax barrister and others.

    We also need to add in here that Australians on average are spending far too much – our debt to equity levels are highest ever – credit card debt is 27 billion dollars and getting worse – generation x and y have high unrealistic expectations – how many people reading on this site remember 17 and 19% interest rates – etc etc

    People now have a mindset of spending v’s saving – look at the stats on interest free store accounts v’s layby – if you are a payg with a car lease you are a looser in deniel, why?, do the numbers – mum and dad are expected to use their equity to get the kids a house, why didn’t they teach them how to save for one instead.

    Heed the roar of the distant drums !! (any one know who said that??)

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    Someone earlier in this post mentioned that economists cant seem to come up with any decent predictions and I would add are often wrong. This is very true as someone else pointed out there are just too many variables and the relationship by which each affectes the others is constantly changing. This makes predicting in the field of economics one of the most difficult jobs.

    To read about an interesting alternative to conventional economic thinking and financial market prediction try reading

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