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    Originally posted by techa:

    A favorite topic of mine.

    Margin is possible on stocks allowed by the Margin lender (I use BT–Bankers Trust)Oh by the way forward paid interest is as low as 6.5%and defered is 7.45%.

    Now as part of the allowable stocks to trade there are a number of Property trusts–some out performing others.
    I think Property trusts have been chosen because in general they have out performed the All Ords over the past years due to the property boom.

    Their out performance is unlikely in the future and a knowledge of how to analyse a stock chart and in particular a sound grounding in RISK MANAGEMENT when investing would be musts.

    The principal is in my veiw very sound and if used correctly can return astounding profits.
    Although property trusts have been used in this example a portfolio of stocks will do the same.
    Depending on your ability to choose and manage a portfolio you can return far in excess of the 12% offered as a bench mark here.

    Ive been doing this now for 3 yrs.Having traded for 10 yrs now the opportunity hit me in the face just as it has others.The key ofcourse is your portfolio.

    Having been involved in Trading System Developement for 6 yrs I and a few others decided to prove to ourselves if this could be done.(Develope a method which can trade profitably consistantly over a long period of time).

    2.5 yrs ago we developed and trade live on the net at a method which has in that time returned around 80% and leveraged at 2.5:1 gives a return on INITIAL equity of 200%.

    Figures like this are normally scoffed at.
    So I will post the link here for you all to lookback on and watch as time goes by.
    Infact the whole method is available to you at no cost if you have the software to make use of it.(Metastock).

    I can also post on reefcap charts showing what I mean with regard to the Propery trust part of the discussion.Ill open a seperate thread under Traders helping other Traders this afternoon—just hopping out for an hr or so.

    Lookforward to more discussion.

    This link is the latest results sheet.


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    [blink]Shoot! Thanks for dragging this back up techa. Congrats on a most remarkable result.
    Cheers, F.[cowboy2]

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