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    hi evreryone
    this is my first time can somone advice me frome experience about steve or rick’s camp
    do you gain more info than reading the books
    i have a friend going to rick otton’s camp and he
    is asking me to go with him but it’s
    5000$for 3 day’s
    i hop someone has don this befor and can tell me
    about it

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    WElcome to the forum sedraash. Steve’s “seminar” was on the weekend. If you search for posts from yesterday and today you will find a thread detailing how it all went. It definately did not cost 000’s of dollars.


    “Looking forward to the day when I can tell the boss where to go”

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    Hi sedraash,

    Firstly welcome!!!

    I know I’ll probably cop some flack for this, but hey, let’s live dangerously for a minute..!!![blink]

    I have never read Steve’s or anyone else’s “how to make money” type book, although I have attended a couple of seminars in my time, mainly out of curiousity. Some were good, but most were a waste of time (and money), and I would have gained more from a motivational tape/DVD (not to mention cheaper)!!! However, I am neither for or against attending seminars; I think it’s up to the individual; if they feel that they want to learn and have an open-mind (as well as open-wallet/purse) then I say “go for it”!!!

    Me personally, experience has been my greatest teacher, both trial and error my friend and foe. This combined with hours, days, weeks and months of research has led me to my success. And I’m sure that if you read the books, attend the seminars (provided you are selective in your choices of course; there are some real sharks out there; thankfully Steve is not one of them) I’m sure you’ll do equally as well.



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    I have attended a few seminars and found you learn heaps from being ther. BUT unless your going to put the information to work you are wasting your money. I went Ricks boot camp last year after completing 5 wraps in the 10 months prior. I did 7 more in the follwing 6 months due the information I learned at the wrap camp. I did it better and more efficiently than I could have using books or other material. Also would have saved myself $40k by structuring the deal better.Seminars also put you into contact with people who do what you want to do and friends with a like mind can help you tremendously. Just my two bob.

    Dave Siacci

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    My feeling is that you should always educate yourself about the property market first, then once you know what direction you want to take, learn everything you can from an expert in that niche.
    I started in wraps with Rick’s Wrap Pack, did 4 wraps, then went to a Wrap Camp. I look at where I am now, and know there’s no way I’d be anywhere like I am without spending the money on learning from Rick.
    It’s been worth every cent I’ve spent (and yes, I’m going to Wrap Camp again in September, wouldn’t miss it!).

    Keep smiling
    Felicity 8-)

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    [exhappy]hi everyone
    thank you for all the fast reply
    I think i will search for tap’s and cd’s
    to start with and see how i go
    dos anyone have cd’s ,tap’s, DVD’s that i can
    by as a 2 hand ??i live in SYDNEY

    thank you for the time and help evreyone

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    Try ebay to see what’s around on the 2nd-hand market. There’s lots of real estate books and stuff for sale second-hand on ebay, and other products too.

    kay henry

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    Hi Kay,

    Don’t know if you or anyone else watched TT a few nights ago and coz I only caught the tail end of the segment I missed most of the meaty stuff, but apparantly it was about ebay and the pitfalls of buying stuff online with them.

    Maybe soemone else in here could add more about it in greater detail??


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    Hi Pepper, I didn’t see the program, but I’ve had only good experiences with ebay.

    Sedraash, if you’re not sure whether you should spend money on a seminar, maybe you could read a few different books by different authors first.

    Different authors have different viewpoints and strategies. Do a search on here, there is a list with recommendable books somewhere on the boards. If you still feel you must go to a seminar, at least you’ll know a little about the strategies and maybe have developed a preference.

    If you go to a seminar before you know about the different options, you’ll be spending a lot of money and getting only information from one ‘Guru’, which you may not even like to ‘follow’, after all.


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    I use ebay every now and then and I have only had positive experiences except for one item which was damaged in transit – the vendor refunded all my money plus postage both ways!

    I think ebay warnings sell stories for TT. Millions of people use it daily. Frequent ebayers are very careful of their feedback or reputation scores and act accordingly.


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    Mortgage Broker
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    There are some very tricky and sophisticated scams being run on ebay…All I can say if you are prepared to use direct debit to pay funds into the account of someone you have never met for goods you have not yet received you either have to be prepared to loose that money or you are a fool…

    My brother nearly got taken for over $2000 – and get this he was the seller!! That is right he was not the buyer – but someone had such a good scam going that they nearly tricked him…

    Fortunately someone who this scammer had already ripped off called my brother and let him know what the real story was… Anyway a couple of detectives greeted the purchaser at our front door when he came to collect his booty…oops!

    Sadly though this is a big scale scam and the guy who visited us was just a donkey sent by someone he had met in a chat room to pick up the computer in exchange for a bit of cash…so the police are no closer to finding the mastermind behind it all…

    Frankly this was way over the head for the police as they do not have the resources to chase up computer crime…They have a file down at the Cheltenam CIU but very few leads…

    Bottom Line is this – Be very, very careful as the anonimity of ebay can very easily be exploited…Would you accept a credit card payment from from someone you had never met? What about if they were from overseas (Indonesia maybe – would you be ok with that?)

    PM me if you want to send me money – I promise I’ll either pay it back or send you something nice of value in return [biggrin]

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    Wow Grreg, I’m intrigued how your brother could be done out of money when he was a seller! I’m wondering too if I’ve spoken with those same detectives at Cheltenham..[thumbsdownanim

    My Dad bought a chainsaw from ebay, which duly arrived, but will cost $300 to repair!! the seller basically told him to get stuffed, and hung up on him the second time he rang up…


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    thanks evreyone
    i think i can waite for somone who can help me
    from sydney where i can pickup the tap’s or cd’s
    without all this trouble
    is this ok or not to by a 2nd hand tap’s through
    this fourm

    thank’s for yor time and help [confused2]

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