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    Has anyone had any dealings with transportables and moving houses as a means of investing? Any info is greatly appreciated.. Thanks G7

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    Hi G7,
    I take it you’ve found a house for sale and want to move ot onto another block.

    First you will need to ensure it can be moved onto the block of land you have. Contact the Council as a starting point. Ask about zoning, permitting and other requirements.

    If you contact a house moving company they will generally give you a price to move the house within so many kilometres and onto a base (eg stumps). The price will be more if the house has to be transported in more than one portion.
    On top of that you will need to connect the appropriate facilities such as electricity, water, sewage, phone, stormwater etc.

    You then have other add ons like landscaping, driveways, fencing, garaging?? and maybe even some home renovation.

    After doing all this you have to know the figures will stack up. It can be very lucrative and it can also be a headache – good luck.


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    Hi G7.

    Keep it simple for your first project. You’ll want to carefully so the numbers and not forget various costs like transportation, re-establishment, warranty insurance (if you’re going to sell), etc.

    Seek out someone with building experience to check your planning and numbers before you proceed. I personally have found the relocating of existing homes to be more trouble than it’s worth! But… if you are determined in this strategy, I know others HAVE been successful with it.

    I suggest you find reputable relocation companies – the way to find these would be by asking building surveying companies for relocation companies they could recommend. And there aren’t many!


    Peter Comben

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