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    This covers the northern and far eastern suburbs. Traditionally these have been poorer, very blue collar suburbs. There have been some revivals underway in the last few years.

    Rocherlea – situated about 7-10km north of the Launceston CBD, and bordering Newnham. The north and northeast of Launceston contain the older working class suburbs and housing commission areas. Rocherlea is known as a bit of a rough area and has a local primary school with one of the worst reputations in the city. All amenities are nearby including supermarkets, service stations and it is at around the limit of public transport to the north. High Schools are located in nearby Alanvale (between Mowbray and Newnham) but it is also of poor reputation. Prices are significantly lower than other areas due to low desirability. There is also a large number of housing commission properties.

    Expect to pay – from 90,000 for an established 3-bedroom house

    Rental range – 90pw to 130pw is probably the most common range

    Newnham – situated 6-7km north of Launceston CBD and bordering Rocherlea and Mowbray. A curious suburb in that it can be both desirable and undesirable depending on the address. Local schools are the same as Rocherlea and within easy reach. Recent sub-divisions have realised around 60k-70k per block, which is quite high in this area. Rental demand is quite good, and there is a retention pattern with those born locally often choosing to stay in the suburb. The University f Tasmania northern campus sits between Mowbray and Newnham.

    Expect to pay – from 145,000 (up to 350,000 depending on location)

    Rental range – 150pw to 250 pw. Above 200pw is quite common in this area.

    Mowbray – situated 5km-6km north of Launceston CBD and bordering Newnham, Mayfield, Invermay and Ravenswood. Undergoing a bit of a renaissance in the last two years. Formerly a low income area it is becoming a popular area for first home buyers due to comparatively low prices and good range of facilities and proximity to CBD. Has a high standard private golf course and the racecourse within its borders. Still fairly grubby in areas and population is generally of lower socio-economic backgrounds. Local schools are Brooks High and either Rocherlea or Invermay Primary – all of poor reputation. Also home to Launceston Grammar – co-ed private school (fees around $9k per child p.a.) but very few students live locally.

    Expect to pay – from 125,00 for an established 2/3-bedroom house
    Rental Range –120pw to 200pw (borders Uni of Tas so higher returns from students sharing can be realised)

    Mayfield – situated 5-6km north of Launceston CBD and bordering Newnham and Mowbray. Very much a housing commission area and home to Dover Village – a rather depressing housing commission area. Population are mainly from low socio-economic background. Has access to Mowbray facilities as the suburbs are split by Invermay Road.

    Expect to pay – from 90,000 for an established 2/3-bedroom house

    Rental range – 100pw to 140pw would be the most common bracket in this area

    Invermay – situated 1-4km from the Launceston CBD and bordering the city and Mowbray. Known as “The Swamp” to locals – the ground shakes when trucks drive past. Was actually totally flooded when the Cataract Gorge overflowed in the 1920’s. Has been gentrified to a certain extent in recent years and was formerly very much a blue-collar suburb. I believe a former footballer has purchased many properties here for housing troubled youths for his charity. Prices have spread depending on street and renovations. Local primary school is Invermay Primary with Brooks at Mowbray the nearest high school. Possibly the most promising of the northern suburbs for future growth (no guarantees ;-)).

    Expect to pay – from 85,000 to 220,000 depending on condition and location

    Rental range – from 100pw to 200pw depending on above conditions

    Ravenswood – situated to the east/north east and about 5km from Launceston CBD. Borders Mowbray, Waverley and St Leonard’s. This is the main housing commission area in Launceston although there is a distinction between these and private homes. Prices vary wildly but the reputation of the suburb is the poorest in the city and potential tenant pool will be potentially quite small. Has local high school and primary schools with very poor reputations. High crime and high unemployment area.

    Expect to pay – from 70,000 to 175,000 depending on location

    Rental range – from 80pw to 150pw depending on location

    Waverley – situated east/southeast and about 5km from Launceston CBD. Borders Ravenswood and St Leonard’s. Similar in profile to Ravenswood with perhaps more owner occupied properties. Area of reasonably high unemployment and crime. Has some local facilities but most would travel to neighbouring suburbs. Has public transport access.

    Expect to pay – from 80,000 to 145,000 depending on location

    Rental range – from 80pw to 130pw depending on location

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    Hi Anubis,

    Thanks for your info about northern part of launceston.  I wonder if any of these suburbs have improved because the rental yield is above 6% in some areas.

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