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    I while ago, someone on the forum stated they were happy with their Darwin Property Manager.
    I did a search today but could not find the thread again.
    Can anyone pls help.
    Thank you.

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    There are a few good Managers.
    Mitch Elton Raine and Horne Palmerston is one.
    I say this from a Tenant prospective as well as those who have her as a landlord. Very good communicator and fair all around.
    The others I have had dealings with ( both sides of fence) have since left but old agents here in Darwin always bank on their reputation..KG Young is long standing in this regard.


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    that was me, contact allied australian there and ask for john hammer.
    08 8982 8282
    johns mobile is 0413 625 084
    tell him that i put you onto him.
    he looks after my ip there.
    they are one of the cheapest at 8.25%.
    I went to darwin two weeks ago and had a meeting with him. very helpful and did everything i wanted.
    about the only problem i have is he wont increase the rent for me! the tennnants want new security screens put in at a cost of 700 dollars but when i said i would do it only if the rent went up by 10 dollars he really really didnt want to do it.
    after speaking to melbear and others about it, its suspected he has his mates kids in there or something, though i cant confirm it.
    other than that he is very good, gets things fixed very quickly and checks on the tennants every couple of months.
    hope this helps

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    Good Luck [angry2]

    I’m onto my third property manager in Darwin – signed last week. (No results yet in finding a tenant or even communication about efforts they are making). They seem to be the most expensive (ie. 10.5% & 1.5 wks rent up front) but going by the last two I’m hoping it’s worth it.

    I don’t know if I can mention by name the two PM/Real Estate agents I’ve had trouble with but pm if you want to know.

    My woes have been going on for about 8 months now and have included tenants from hell, PM’s responsible leaving, two weeks onsite trying to remedy damage and upgrade inside, etc, etc.

    I know I’m negative about the whole thing but I’m still wondering where it will all end. I don’t want to sell (everyone has said I should) because it was my first home and I hope someday to return, but the hassles have seemed endless.

    There has to be a good PM out there and I really hope you find him/her (and that you’ll share your experience on the forum).

    Best of luck to you.

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    We have used Jan Rodgers Real estate for about 12 yrs now. I have always found her to be very good and it is the only one of our properties we have never changed PM with.

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    I have been using Homestead Realty for about 6 months now. I have a really good property manager who also has a property of her own. I have found that if the property managers have investment properties of their own they are more effective at their job, as they understanding what you are going through.

    I currently have a couple of properties with another rental company and I am about to shift them over to Homestead also.

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    [angry2] Not happy with Raine and Horne, or was it just PRD or before it Great Northern or the Year before that who can remember. ……I just did a search for Darwin Property Managers and I thought I would throw in my Twenty Cents worth. I have had ongoing problems with these company and the current property manager has made mistake after mistake, anyone who wants some background, please email me and I will happy forward my ongoing disasters with them, my property is worth around $500,000 so why do they have teenagers looking after your property? Sorry but I can’t come up with a better company, but I have made the final move and am trying someone else. My only tip for anyone looking for a property manager, DO NOT use Jodie Smidt or the now Raine and Horne Company in Darwin. I hope that saves some investor the paid and the frustration, that I have had over the years.

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