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    Hey there,

    Just a passing comment really, in the last week i have recieved 3 different “offers” from banks and other lenders asking me how my finances are going and if i want to arrange a meeting to consider my lending options. 2 were by phone, one by mail from a current lender i use.

    One call was from a certain “big” bank, offering me all these special deals that have just started. the other call was from another lender, the funny thing is i was thinking how they got my number, perhaps i left it on an enquiries form on the net, but i havnt looked into getting a loan for over 12 months…

    I may be looking into this tooo much perhaps, but 3 in a week is alot, has anyone else been getting this sort of attention, or am i just special lol ;)

    Perhaps people have wound down their lending and the banks are starting to notice a drop in business???

    Jason :)

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    Hi Jason

    3 in a week is a bit much isn’t it?

    Would you like a free home-loan checkup? Just kidding!!

    I suspect now that finance for property is dropping the big banks are now starting to increase their marketing, forgetting that basic decent customer service is the best marketing tool, something the big banks have been missing for a while now.

    Perhaps it was just a ploy to get you to take out a new credit card? Or buy that nice fancy car with one of their car loans?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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