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    Was hoping someone can give me some advise.

    I am currently living in London and I am looking at buying a property in Melbourne.

    Is it necessary I give my father (he lives in Melbourne) power of attorney so that he can buy a house on my behalf.

    Or what I was thinking is if I get a min 60 day settlement so that all paperwork can be sent to London for my signing etc. Would this be a possible scenario.

    Any thoughts appreicated.


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    Hi Rob,

    I am currently in England and buying a property
    in Queensland. So far I have done everything by fax, and will do internet bank transfers to pay deposits and complete settlement,

    The contract included a clause which stated the vendor and the buyers agree to accept the contract by way of facsimile.

    We have a month till settlement but our solicitor
    says it shouldn`t be a problem.

    I expect the original contract will be mailed over to us to sign in due course.

    As for finance it will all be handled by our broker by way of fax, as long as you have an Australian bank account open it should be ok.

    Hope this helps

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    you’ll need to make your dad a power of attorney because he’ll need to sign the papers infront of a solicitor for you and it’s better to have a solicitor here rather than in London because they understand the laws here.

    Kind Regards,

    “If You never never ask, you’ll never never know”

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    I agree with George

    I have done this myself from the UK and it was a nightmare due to docs getting lost in the mail, time differences, useless lender etc etc.

    Make it easier and less stressful for yourself and get a POA to sign the mortgage docs with your solicitor.

    Sure you may get lucky and all will go smoothly, but if things go pear-shaped, it will get hairy.


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