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    i have found an IP that i like, the only problem, there are high voltage powerlines about 150-200m from the property.

    whats everyone’s thought on the power lines?

    trees on the property block out the view

    please post your comments!


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    Well, I wouldn’t live there, but I don’t think there’s been any solid proof that it causes any problems, just a lot of speculation.

    It depends if think tenants would object, if so then you’ll have trouble renting it, and you want it long term then it could be a winner.

    You also need to consider reselling, will you have trouble reselling because of the lines? Or will there be someone else out there that will wnat to buy for the saem reason you want to buy?

    Anyway, that’s just my thoughts, will leave you to ponder.


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    I grew up with powerlines on our property (two legs of the tower on our side of the fence and two nextdoor on electricity commission land). Personally, now that I’ve left home, I will not live under them again. Once they fell down and smashed the windscreen on my car – lucky we were all inside at the time. Of course the electricity commission paid damages but still a bit scary.

    I don’t know if all the cancer, depression etc claims are supported by research but why live there if the possible risk worries you (as it does with me)? Then again I know people who couldn’t care less (my parents for example).

    When my parents were looking at selling a few years back, the RE said that the powerlines would have a -ve effect on the price. If you are looking at buying this could be a good tool for negotiating the price down.

    All things have good and bad points.


    PS If the trees are too close to the powerlines or tower, the electricity commission will cut them down when they come to inspect and do mainainence. The have a right of access to do this but will write and tell you before they come.

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    150-200m is hardly the same as 10m away and I think that 150m should be fairly safe. When there is solid proof of harm (sometime in the future), the Electricty Commission will be forced to move these lines underground. This will increase the value of the property if and when it happens, but dont hold your breath. Negotiate the price really low, get a good tenant and hang in for the long run!

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    hey there avranjes,
    i heard lots of bad things can happen cuz of powerlines to yor health but not sure if its true. I know when i was looking to buy my place one real estait guy said that they are not dont hold their value much cuz of this, but i am not sure that matters to sum ppl.
    Apart from any risks the biggest worry would be how they look, like not much of a view and all!!! But if you like the place thats your biz, good luck with it, after all yur the one whose gotta pay for it.

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    Hi there, It depends on which way you want to look at it. I think power lines are a negative, but could be used as a negotiating tool to reduce price.
    However when you go to sell, I expect the same will happen, it will affect the resale.

    If you are going to lose sleep over it, not worth it, I would try to find another IP without powerlines.


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    it’s a bit like whether you buy a property overlooking the ocean or one in a country town – you have to weigh up the growth vs the return

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    I know of a house in my suburb which is near power lines and which has a “for lease ” sign there for 6 months! (and that’s not because of the suburb cos’ other similar houses that are for rent are quickly snapped up!)


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    200 meters may be on the far side for any ill health effects but in this case it is not about truth or fiction but about perception from the public.

    I would follow the powerline and try to find houses that are in the same position of the one you are interested in and find out if they have any difficulty in renting it.
    Not easy to find owners or RE willing to talk but clearly part of your very much needed due diligence.

    May God prosper you always.[biggrin]

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    this article is 4 years old – is it safe to assume that in those 4 years since the last test they have been unable to replicate the results? I would think that if they had it would be sensational news – but then look at the BSE debacle, and asbestos.

    Extensive list of ‘Off The Plan’ property available for sale in Perth.

    John – 0419 198 856

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    If your talking about power lines AKA Beechboro,WA(the *Huge* ones) then i wouldn’t like to live too close by, however the normal (older) style lines i wouldn’t consider to much of a risk or negative..

    That’s just me though..


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    As it obviously isn’t the only property for sale why not walk away from it ?

    I have seen reports which state that they are dangerous to one’s health just as I have seen reports which say that there isn’t a problem.

    Both reports were by scientific experts. Work that one out. Which report do you trust ?

    One thing is for sure and that is that it isn’t so unusual for unscrupolous management of companies to play down dangers so I would be very reluctant to take notice of reports which say there isn’t a problem so wouldm’t it be smart to err on the side of caution ?

    I certainly wouldn’t want to live near such a high frequency power line nor would I want my tenants to suffer.


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    Hi avranjes,

    Aside from the possible “cancer risks” which I am not arguing as fact or fiction, surely to goodness these huge structures can’t actually be APPEALLING to you????…….I mean, come on, it’s not like you’re overlooking a lovely bay view now is it???? But if you really do like them, hey, what the heck, it’s you who has to look out of the window everyday, and as for the health issues, well, don’t say you weren’t warned!!!!

    As a potential renter, I’m afraid, as soon as I saw what was in front of me, I’d give your place a big miss!!!!shocked2]

    Personally, I’d shop around for something with a lovely view and that made me smile when I look out, not frown and wonder “could they”????????[glum2]



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    I would be charged about the deal!
    It has a certain zap, bzzzzt, kapow about it.
    You know that kind of powerfull electric kind of feeling.
    Very powerfull deal indeed.



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