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    Congratulations & Best wishes to you Monopoly,
    Keep your chin up,
    Kind Regards

    [email protected]
    Ph:1800 820 500

    PLEASE note comments made should NOT be taken as specific taxation, financial, legal or investment advice. Please seek professional, specific advice.

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    Anyone woulda thought Monopoly just won a medal at the olympics…sheez! What’s the big deal?

    Rob! Why does this bother you so much? She has not been appointed Governor General for Chrissake!!!!

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    Rob and Monopoly,

    I think you have both embarrased yourselves enough with this childish behaviour can we let it go and focus on property related issues. You both have a lot to contribute in this area and both have offered some good insights.

    I look forward to your future posts.



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    Hi Benson,

    I don’t believe I have embarrassed myself at all, in fact my silence speaks for itself. Nonetheless you are entitled to your opinion, and if that is what you think then so be it.

    I am equally as keen to return to the business of talking property investing and am growing quite tired of these annoyingly one-sided / incomplete / twisted posts being inflicted on myself and other forumities. I am sorry that you have been subjected to such behaviour on my account. This thread was started as the result of my becoming a moderator to which Rob is insidiously employing to voice his disapproval of, which IMO is in poor taste to say the least.

    No doubt I will not be everyone’s choice of moderator, and I accept this, however there are correct channels that can be followed in voicing one’s objections, and for anyone with a level of maturity, this is not one of them.


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    My dear Rob,
    ‘Comments made are of a general nature and should not be construed as advice to any particular individual’. Does that line at the bottom of all your posts ever bubble up inside of you? I’ve just got a couple more financial comments. As an astute mortgage broker, someone such as yourself for example, it’s great to hear that you go out of your way to do some volunteer work. On average, what is the survival rate with the free first aid? I just wish more people were as conscientious as you as we all know how short the SES is of good ambulance drivers (especially this time of year!). Just don’t get caught driving around while using your mobile phone (let alone a community radio). I know another mortgage broker who did the same and he ended up in court. However, luckily I acted as his character witness and he got off. I also helped get off 2000 ants dressed up as rice, charged with trying to rob a Chinese restaurant. Wait! I’ve just had a thought! (Why didn’t I think of this before?) Here is how we can finally bring some closure to these trite, petty sqabbles. WHY DONT WE BOTH PUT OUR PICTURES UP ON THE PHOTO GALLERY? Well it’s hardly a secret about my baldness and weight problem. If an Aussie can win Miss Universe then why can’t we? Now you probably realise they don’t call me ‘George Costanza’ for nothing you know. Even so, I’m prepared to try my hardest to shed a few kilos. Whichever of us who can’t lose the most weight must stop this silly banter at once and get on with the business of property investing! Deal? I’ll scan my photo to this site today.

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    This thread has run its course.

    If anyone has any issues, PM me.


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