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    Has anyone got a tenant to paint external windows in exchange for 2 weeks rent.

    I need to paint 4 external windows in my unit and I am wondering if I should as property manager to ask tenant if they wish to paint windows. I will supply paint and brushes.

    Any thoughts.

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    Hope they don’t fall out the window.. Seriously though, I don’t think I would ask a tenant to paint unless maybe they had suggested it but then there’s that insurance thing too – what if they did get hurt. Also you’d want to be sure of the removal of existing paint, puttying holes, correct type of paint, preparation, etc.


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    In my even more inexperienced days, my tenants proposed painting the interior of the house in exchange for 4 weeks rent. I supplied the paint.

    Long story short – the house didn’t get painted and I ended up going to the Rental Bond Board to claim their bond to reimburse me for the lost rent.

    Personally, I don’t think it is worth it. It is better to either do it yourself or get a professional. Don’t forget that the cost may be tax deductible.



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    Many years ago my tenant asked to paint the inside of my one and only investment property. I said no and next inspection it was painted. Problem was the paint on the doors and trim could be scaped off with your fingernail. I converted this house to my PPOR and spent 2 years part time fixing the mess up.

    Believe me the same bug in tenants that prevents them from looking after gardens and lawns properly comes into play when it comes to painting also!!!!

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    Hi Yack
    a few years back a tenant asked me if he
    could paint the unit he was renting FOR FREE
    I had painted it a year earlier
    silly me said yes when it was finished i went to
    inspect the unit BUT you should have seen the colours
    it took me 3 coats of undercoat once they left

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    I must have fluked a gold mine. I have a tenant who is a painter.
    I buy paint (best quality i can get), I throw him about $200 cash per room, and he does a great job. I can’t even keep him out of the garden, he has added $1000 of value to my properties, [greedy]

    I just have to keep him supplied with tools and equipment. It screws up the weekly cashflow temporarily, but will pay off with increased equity when i buy more IPs.

    Be wary of having poor paint jobs done, it can cost heaps more to fix the damage( full strip, primer etc.)


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    Hi Yack,

    The issues of quality control and colour selection come to mind.

    One of our properties had the bedrooms painted (poorly I might add) in some rather individual colours. At the moment everything is fine as the tenant is still there – but as soon as he moves out I and wife will be off to do some therapuetic painting.[biggrin]

    And then the rent will go up by minimum of $20/week confirmed by PM.

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    Hi Yack

    i wouldn’t do it either.

    if you want it done cheap, get a handy man to do it.

    bye westan

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    Where,s the property Yack.I,ll do it if its close.
    I,m in Dongara WA.
    If it aint close then you should consider buying one close to here and I,ll do your maintenance.
    The missus is great with a paintbrush.
    We did a friends IP recently.It took 2.5 days for a full internal paint job including repairs.She gave us $300 and a new fish finder for our boat.
    We were all very happy.
    And the new tenants loved the look.

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    Its in Sth Frankston. Thanks for all your comments – i did not really think it was a good idea. This tenant has been there over 3 yrs and all the other body corp people rave about how nice and good she is so i thought she may be interested. But I wont do it.

    Originally the body corp was going to get it done professionally so I paid my share at about $1000. Well there are really 6 windows.

    Then I heard that one guy was going to do his own. Then i said, hey that was not discussed. I was under the impression we decided to get a painter to do it so the external painting looks good and the whole block looks the same.

    If he is going to do it I too will do it myself.

    I’m sure the paint would be no more than $200 and even I could do it in a weekend.

    So next week we have another body corp meeting.

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    ask the other owner to paint yours while he is there.. at least if he stuffs it up, you will be in company!!!
    Seriously, if he can paint though …


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    Perhaps the Body Corporate should have another meeting, if some do their own and don’t do it well, then coudln’t it bring down the value of everyone’s investment?

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    Hey Russ, you are a character!
    Piti you dont live around Sydney, we would have some fun together.

    May God bless you
    and prosper you.

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    Maybe we could all get together for xmas.Anyone got a big backyard.We could all take turns having xmas in a different state each year.I am in the motorhome club and they have a do each year in a different state so we could do the same LOL.
    The Property Investors Christmas Luncheon.
    I better buy a bigger place cause I know you will all want to come to WA.Cause we kick butt over here.
    Better start thinking about what I want for Chrissie.[biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]

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    one of my properties in SA was in very good condition when i bought it, but the interior colours were very bright yellow in 2 rooms the new tenants moved in and asked if they could paint it, i bought the paint at k mart $130 a more pastal colour, i must be a hard landlord because i didnt give them free rent or anything, i thought it was a risk letting them do it, but it turned out a good job……….tonka

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    I was listening to a tpe set, where a owner agreed to allow a tenant to paint the house for a discount on the rent. Unfortantly she was really short and only painted up to 5 and 1/2 foot. The walls were something like 8 foot….

    Can anyone say new paint job????

    Wonder about public liabilty issues here…. Any thoughts???


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    hi yack,
    my thoughts….no, no and no!
    I am a licenced painter(although i now make cars for a living), anyway, i have worked for myself and 4 painting contractors and i think that it is a releatively simple task, yet some of the paint jobs that i have seen both housing trust tenants and house owners (and some of the “painters” that i have worked with) do have shocked me.everytime we got an s.o.s. for a reno. gone wrong, we’d think oh-no not again, and quite often it would take us twice as long(and twice as much) to undo what they had done than it would have just as a straight forward paintjob. However, on the other side, there are a lot of handy”people” and tenants who have suprised us and done a better job than most painters!!!
    my advice would be if u can see a paintjob that someone has previously done and u r happy with the quality, go for it! if not, steer clear of it!

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