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    Hello everyone,
    we have had this IP for about 3 years now. The swimming pool constantly needs repairs. The last bill was around $600.

    The obvious is to remove the pool. Has anyone been in similar situation, or have ideas????

    Appreciate any advice.[blink]

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    Hi Marisa,

    Suggestion number 1: Drown your other tenant and PM in it.

    Is the swimming pool making a positive impact in your rental returns. Ask your PM what woul dhappne to your rent if you removed the pool.

    Could the area be reused and retain the rental returns – gazebo, extra room, an outdoor entertaining area etc – all ideas that have less ongoing maintenance and less legal nightmares associated with them.

    For me a pool in a domestic house is a little disconcerting – I would absolutely ensure I fulfil all of obligations with respect to maintenance, security and safety – I would hate for someone to drown in the pool.

    [email protected]

    Property Investment Support Available. Ongoing and never stopping. PM welcome.

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    In the latest New Zealand Property magazine has an article about the 7 deadly sins of IPs…No 4 Swimming pools. The general feeling for this is that you are better off taking them out and spending the money that would be spent on the pool on the grounds.


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    How about just filling it in, compact the dirt and throw on a Gazebo on top (please note, I don’t think there are any regulations regarding filling in pools, but there could be…).


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    What kind of pool is it?If it is fibreglass then there are people who remove and landscape the area for getting the pool.They then sell the pool to another fool.Hahahaha.
    Pools are bad news no matter where they are.

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    Thanks all for your suggestions. The pool is fibre glass, yes, it meets all reg/requirements.
    We will eventually develop as it is on a triplex block. In the meantime I will look at some of your suggestions seriously and appreciate all the help I can get.

    Derek, the drowning proposal for PM and Tenant was extreeeemly attractive, but then I would have to give up investing….[shades]

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    From memory I think you are from WA as well. If so get the weekend papers and look under pools in the FOR SALE, there’s a fellow in there that removes pools for a job. Some weeks he advertises for pools to be removed and other weeks he advertises as installing them.

    At least if you rang you could find our if there’s a cost or if they fill the hole etc.


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    Puplekiss, yes from Perth, thanks for your suggestion will check this out.
    Shame the pool is not in good condition as I know the perfect location MY BACKYARD, the kids would love it….
    PS. always enjoy reading your comments.

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    I don’t understand why so many people have trouble with these leaking. Are they that bad? Do they have walls *that* thin, that they crack?? I mean, they’re made of fibreglass right – and so are boats – but you don’t see half the boats taken out fishing on the weekend, sinking…

    Do they still want the pool?

    You probably know this, but you can buy fibreglass repair kits at boat/marine supply stores. You paint a primer on, smooth the fibreglass mesh over it, paint resin over the top. Then some (blue?) paint. Pool shops probably have them too, come to think of it. It may not look the best, but once water is in there – barely noticeable.

    If you can’t be bothered doing it anymore, and they like the pool – tell me it’s either they can fix it, or it’s going. They’re probably paying for the chlorine already right? So probably wouldn’t mind to patch the pool to keep it a little longer. Tell them they can patch it if they’d like to keep it, else it is going to be removed.

    Turn it into a pond. Ok, a large pond. Then you can direct a little water from a shed etc. roof through a bit of poly pipe to “top it up”.

    It might be the same price to build a deck right over it, than to pay to fill it in? Less lawn to mow that way too.

    Make a wine cellar?

    A sunken car repair pit? (Two welded horizontal ramps.) : )

    A skateboard half-pipe? (A little dirt at each end, and some marine ply bent into a curve and feathered with a plane at the lower end.) This could be a good one if you think about it. If they like the pool, they probably have kids. If you don’t want to bothered removing it right now, but don’t want an ugly hole or half-full green algie pool either… Suggest again they do it themselves, since it would only get pulled out anyway. Most kids hang around a skateboard area at some time – this way there’s no foul-mouthed scum they have to listen to, or pervies sliming around selling drugs to their kids.

    Yeah, I know – maybe not the greatest ideas – but still ideas. Just thinking that as tenants, they may not it to go – and if they do – may not want workmen trudging around for three weeks ripping it out and filling in. It might be better to suggest something like this, or ask if they have some ideas. Then if give their notice some time in the future – start pulling it out then, as they’re going anyway.


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    Hey Marisa,

    $600 can buy alot when it comes to a freshen up of the bathroom or kitchen, so i think the pool should go.

    I had a pool at my place, and it was above ground with a plastic liner. wen the pump finally gave in, it sat there for a few years, going green. I got bored one day and threw in 5 small Commets and Koi that cost $1.00 each from the markets… they grew to over half a foot in about 1.5-2 years!!!! (and were then valued at about $55 a pop wen i saw what they were going for in the local shops…) hmmm could be a great money making idea???

    Anyway, i would say that its eating into your cashflow…

    Jason :)

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