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    Hi all.[upsidedown] I am in need of 5 split system aircons and was wondering if anyone knows anyone in the industry who can get them below retail. I can get $50-$100 off retail in Townsville but need more. Would it be better getting them sent up from Brisbane or waiting till winter?
    Specs are 3 x 5.1kw (1800btu) and 2 x 6.4kw (2200btu). Preferable reverse cycle and a good brand.

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    Try the auctions, then your just looking for installation (which should be $600).


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    Hi adriannqld,

    We just put 9 into a job recently, paid 620 each and 850 ea for install. Try the local wholesalers in your area, say your in the building industry and are looking for a top deal.
    Transporting them in from Brissy may be an option, there are several dealers down there. Try Natural Cool Air – they may be of some help.

    There is so much competition in the AC industry they are all bending over backwards to help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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