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    I always thought Jenman looked a bit like Mark Latham !!!!

    Yes, spruiker no.6 has GOT TO BE, mr. J himself…… I have yet to see anyone in this world who so shamelessly promotes fear & uncertainty, to further his own agencies….

    1. Spread fear about RE Agents
    2. Show that Jenman Agents are kosher
    3. client goes thru Jenman agent to buy/sell, feeling safe
    4. Mr. J sits back and is happy, as he gets his agency fees from that agent, on an annual basis, plus licencing rights to printouts…..

    gee…. thats not self promotion now is it ??

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    Welcome to the dark side Pelican. [evil] Have you any idea how much this guy is worth (and where it came from)? I’d post the figures here but he’d probably sue the pants off me [dead2] because like most smart investors (and Western Australian businessmen) he probably lives in personal poverty (and would debate any figures posted) but has very rich trusts. Learn from him, and remember that we need guys like him, he makes investing easier and more fun for us.

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    Hi Tim,

    I heard the figure “$20 Million” bandied about last year……

    Yes, we should all live like paupers and give away all our millions like he does….. right ?????

    DOH !!!!

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    I have read many of his articles.Is he not ‘spruiking’ his business in a different way to the ‘spruikers’ he so despises? He appeals to the less sophisticated sheep among us.

    How can someone who puts so much <edited: rubbish> on real estate agents be considered a consumer advocate when his main business is a real estate agent? Is it a case of they are all bad except us?

    Oh well, he is what he is.

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    I think this topic has reached its logical conclusion. Issues with Neil Jenman should be taken up with him in person rather than posted here.


    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

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    Success comes from doing things differently

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