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    Its early Saturday morning and I just come back from taking the kids to swimming lesons.

    Now logged on the internet. I am a few hours away from attending an auction down the street and was wondering what you all may be doing this weekend property wise.

    Anyone else doing auctions or renovating or hassling the property manager or driving by their property or looking at others in the area.

    As you all share a passion for RE I assume most would be doing something like this.
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    He is going to the auction with me. Best get him started early.

    Then we are off to the park and watch the local aussie rules team play a practice match.

    If he does things I like, then its only fair I do some things he likes like running in the park.

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    I have only just come back from looking at some properties in the Newcastle area.

    I don’t know why actually. It is probably a case of the grass appearing greener on the other side of the street. hahaha.

    I actually made an offer of $ 280,000. The asking price is $ 325,000 and the agent’s notes (which I was cheeky enough to look at when he wasn’t looking) said that he thought it was worth around $ 310,000.

    The agent just came back to tell me that the owner was offended (silly goose to take things personal).

    I am prepared to pay more but wouldn’t be doing the right thing by the vendor by offering
    my top price immediately as both the vendor and myself would miss out in that case.

    What am I doing this weekend ? Recovering from the last couple of exhausting days I guess.

    The most I’ll do real estatewise is to look at the paper.


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    Hi Yack,

    heading over to Parramtta Westfield, but no investing or market researching today, if anything just catch up on some filing…


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    I’m just doing research on the internet about a new area I’ve set my eye on, just want to find as much info as I can this weekend.
    Husband hamster and son are busy making more shelves in the large toolshed and clearing some stuff from the garage, which is so full of tools, timber, paint etc you can’t even walk through the garage. But ‘we might need it one day’, [hmm]
    Oh wouldn’t I love to just get rid of everything!

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    Going to find out a bit more about Docklands. Going down there and talk to rental managers & new project sellers. Not to buy, more to clarify conflicting information in the media and background information.

    A few OFI as well (in Sth Melbourne) to compare values and comparables to my IP there.


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    Hi Yack,

    Will spend some time looking through Saturday Real Estate section and Real Estate websites to get an idea of property prices in areas I which I own property and an area I am focussing on for the next one.

    Will also get in touch with the other unit owners with property in the same complex so we can orchestrate a change of strata mananagers.

    And have been sharing ideas with other people by phone and email as they too move along their own investment journey.

    All in all it is a case of the harder we work – the luckier you get.


    [email protected]

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    looked at a townhouse in glenhuntly vic
    a unit in ormond
    then went for a drive around your neck of the
    woods Yack
    Mentone beumauris mordialock just
    drove around checking the area and
    looking For Sale boards

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    One of my tenant got broken into, so I will be there to fix fly screen for them as well as have a talk with them of how they are doing? Will also bring a couple of movie tickets just to cheers them up.

    Kind regards

    Chan Dollars
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    a brief run down …

    plastering plastering plastering …
    am in the final stages of rennovating a unit ..
    realestate websites looking for next purchase …
    and the realestate section of sats and sundays
    papers … all in all a typical weekend :-)

    heh …

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    Hi Yack
    I’m deciding on which kitchen company to go with for a do up in Kerikeri, NZ. I have 3 quotes, 1 is $1000.00 less than the other 2. Big decision. Go with cheap or quality for an extra $1000.00?Also have to decide whether or not to put in an ensuite.
    Looking through the papers, but will have to wait untill the do up is sold b/4 any more properties.


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    1. Use the Optus “info” service to find out if the Waratahs won at 6am on Saturday.
    2. Washed down my ceiling.
    3. Pained the cornices.
    4. Painted the ceiling.
    5. Bandaged my thumb.
    6. Watched the Saturday night Super 12 games.
    7. Drank too many Bundy “Dark and Stormy”s.
    8. Went on picnic to Berrima with the kids (was 14 degrees when we got there!).
    9. Sat nervously by the radio as Parramatta scored a win!!!
    10. Cleaned myself up after the excitement of #9.
    11. Trained a little bit for the BRW triathlon in a few weeks. Must beat colleagues (esp. the women).
    12. Regretted having most of the Dark and Stormys.
    13. Watches Law and Order.
    14. Bed.

    Who said I didn’t know how to party, huh?!

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    hehe Rubba- read the topic again- points 2, 3 and 4 count. The rest is a good read though [strum]

    kay henry

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    Just got back from a wonderful weekend by the sea fishing and going out on the boat.
    I did however manage to look at one house, toooooo expensive.
    Oh well, back to the real world….

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    Went to Dandenong market with sister & my daughter &my neice ,got really cheap fruit & veg ,got box of top quality mangoes $12 ,there are 14, I think .Box of grapes $3, anyway I have been going for a couple of months now & managed to save $300 -$400 dollars a month on my food by going to dandenong instead of shopping locally. Postie.

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    Went and checked out our first +CF property near home. Guys asking $25K. Has been rented previously for $100p/w. Needs a bit of work but the figures are good.We offered $20K and left our number.Twas an interesting couple of hours.Then got on the phone and checked out a few more a bit further away.Some great deals out there .Just need some money.


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    9 contracts this week!


    runs screaming back to it

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    Hi All,

    We had our first open house this week end, pretty good turn out(better than expected)[exhappy].
    Back to the 9 – 5 grind tomorrow[glum] and I have a new assistant starting tomorrow aswell, that should be fun (not)[wacko].
    Anyway I hope everybody has a good week & take care[thumbsupanim]


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    For those back at work this week and not logged on during the weekend.

    What did you guys do propertywise on the weekend?

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    Drove 800 – 900kms yesterday looking at 3 possible IP’s.

    Long day and am rather tired this morning. Very succesful trip though.

    Got heaps going on at the moment. Have 5 possible deals I am looking at.

    ‘Eat rich food, barbeque a yuppie’ [greedy]

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