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    Hey all[^]just a question…

    I’m looking at doing a bachelor of business, but alot of people I talk to tell me its a waste of time, namely my parents and g.friend( who is doing law at bond….?)

    I am currently a production supervisor at Penfold Buscombe(printing firm) and have been there for 5 yrs. What I am looking at is formal succesion planning to go onto the board one day. My view is I can sit around waiting or work forward to achieve this and if it doesent happen it will broaden m employment oppotunity.

    Please help with what you think or have experienced..

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    I’d say definitely do a degree. It teaches you a new way of thinking and how to approach business problems. It is also seen as a positive for succession planning, or if you apply for new jobs – studying is almost as good as actually having the degree.

    Don’t worry about the friend at Bond (don’t do your degree there, unless you want the stigma of people thinking you purchased your degree rather than earning it ;-))

    I did my MBA part time and it kept me off the streets and saved me money as well as opening up a whole new range of jobs.

    Good luck


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    My friend is doing a business/law degree at bond, and he is absolutely loving it [:D]

    Cheers Matt

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    I think it depends on the person whether it’s a waste of time or not.

    I certainly won’t speak for myself. I left school in Yr 10, and had no intention of going to Uni, but my husband went to Uni and did Business Law. He lasted about 2 years before he dropped out. He got himself a job in a spare parts shop serving at the counter. Not exactly what he had always envisaged himself doing. Well, now 10 years later, he owns that spare parts shop, along with another branch and plans are in the pipline to open a third. He is also a Director of a Community Bank. That’s his first step towards being on the board of Directors of a large public company. That is his long term goal.

    He doesn’t believe that his time at Uni was wasted (he loved the water-ski club), but he realises now that, for what he wanted, (which was to run his own business), nothing teaches more than actually going out and getting the practical experience.

    Anyway, that’s just his experience.


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    Just b4 I went to uni to study Psychology a very well known friend of mine psychologist/author said to me b4 I start forget about everything I had already learned and start from scratch and play their games, then when u finish forget about everything u did at uni and get back to the real stuff I learned b4 uni. I tend to agree with that statment. But that’s for Psychology, I also did physical education and I loved it and learnt heaps.

    SO I guess it really depends on what u already know and I also think it depends a bit on age, the psychology course was very much set up by people with little hands on experience for kids str8 out of school.

    I see some degrees as no more then a licence to print money.………….LOL

    Regards Bear

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    Hi Paulee,

    Uni, tafe, college and school are all much the same and similar, with the comments that Bear1964 has made i agree very much with his words…

    but really are you studying to gain a job in the success of finishing or for knowledge…..

    Gaining a job or learning for knowledge can take you in to 2 different directions in life…


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    I agree with all.

    Still at school I agree with your comment, there are 2 different ways. Today I had am meeting with my ceo he suggested i go for it and major in marketing and finnance. He firmly suggested that I go to prepare myself for any future oppotunities.

    Speaking to people at AIM today also commented that in my postion it will bridge the knowledge gap keeping me open for better roles.

    I will keep you informed

    P.S I finish my diploma in business tommorow – if I pass yeahhh[:D]

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    Hey Paulee,

    The way i look at it myself is what you plan to acheive from the course, I started the end of my HSC doing an I.T network engineering diploma, dropped out half way.. found work doing some I.T online support for an ISP.. being here 3 years and still working, have finally found a course i wanna do property valuation.. at the end its what u wanan do with the knowledge u get from the course that counts. I see alot of my mates finishing their degrees, and only after they had compeleted their degree did they realised this is not what they wanan do with their lives.. so things change, hope it helps. [:)]

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