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    I have no interest in sourcing cf+ properties from other people. If the deals are that good, then surely (I know I would) do my damnest to close the deal myself.

    There is more to property investing than just the numbers.

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    well obviously I dont know who is who on here, and who is in ‘bed with whom’ so to speak.

    I like open discussions, and ok if someone disagrees with me or my post, I guess I will expect to get some comment, but truly people come on!!! There are a couple of messages on here that surely are a bit more of a personal attack and don’t belong…

    Please can we get back to respecting where we are all at….agree to disagree and leave it at that


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    Please keep me informed of this avenue.

    Thanks Lorraine

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    Hiya Bruce,

    > I think you need to provide reassurance on is tenancies.

    I put a conditional due diligence clause in the contracts re: tenants.
    Clients will get detailed info on this.

    >We all know
    > marketeers promise 18 months or whatever of guaranteed returns, only because
    > they do dirty deals with tenants.

    There is no guarantee that any house will remain tenanted. Lease or no lease. I haven’t really heard of property deals with guaranteed returns, other than new developer complexes (i.e. resorts) where there is a lease-back with guarantee for a few years. In my opinion this ‘guarantee’ is just built into the purchase price anyway.

    What we will be mostly finding, I should think, is the ‘traditional’ kind of rental property, which in my travels is usually a 3 bedroom home on a few hundred square metres.

    >When that period is up, the owner soon finds
    > out what real tenant demand is like.

    Data is available as to how many bonds were lodged that month. Also we check demand with rental agents not affiliated with the sale, who can also assess it for rental if vacant.


    I agree with you that we disagree!
    I don’t think it’s my purpose in life to make you change your mind.
    I think the kind of properties we’ll find won’t be the ones you like.

    “You also tell people they can get an Aussie loan and switch it over later?…..more costs, not a good habit to get into.”

    It was one possible way you could mitigate the risk of currency fluctuation between the countries, that’s all. Really, outside the domain of the bird-dog.


    “Mini is advertising for around 30K properties. “

    They have been in the past, and may be, but may not be.

    “Kay it may be they are selling due to they are getting good money right now!”

    Marcpatric, I think it would be a good idea for the birddogs to declare that they don’t have a financial interest in or any personal connection with the vendor of any of the properties for sale. I.e., We will say that.


    “rental properties can quickly consume a lot of time,”

    yes, but hardly any if they ae property managed!!!!!!
    This cost is well and truly covered by a 15 percent yielding property which should break even at 10 percent clear after insurance, rates, and management fees.

    “”However, if I do my own due diligence and find out differently, I’ll bite hard.””

    Bruce, no matter how good the pictures look I (when i buy for myself) I never know what the BR will uncover until I get it back.
    It’s just not the bird-dog’s department. We are not qualified and don’t intend to assess tenants, (we didn’t pick them in the first place), financially advise you in any way (how could we? we don’t know anything about you! even if it was legal!) mentor investors, tell you when the roof might need replacing, or other. but we’re really good at finding deals with good yields and tying them up with a contract so you can decide if you want to purchase them.

    “Mini (who I thought was a guy)”

    damn, i knew I would get outed eventually. I guess it had to happen, right about now. it makes me kind of proud that people thought I was a guy. Cause of my balls, right? (you’re supposed to say ‘yeah!’)

    “how confident you would be on a deal that even the bird-dog hasn’t seen!!”

    Well, bird dog never saw any of the others bird dog found for clients, other than one, which was after the contract was on it.
    I’m way into time leveraging and me personally viewing properties is just not time-efficient for me. I prefer to farm that out either to the agent or vendor (for initial pictures) or a building inspector, or Leigh! Having Leigh be there in person will be a brilliant thing.



    my PM inbox is way over-full. I’ve been clearing it, but it just fills up again. I would suggest if you want to contact me privately use the Email tab at the bottom of my posts rather than the PM tab. Would hate it to bounce and then you wasted your time. cheers-

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    Hi everyone,

    Please forward all PM’s to me rather than Minimogul regarding this thread, she’s way over her limit and can’t receive any more at the moment! She’ll be deleting a load later on though…

    Cheers, Leigh

    P.S – Things are moving along really well!! I’ve been on the net and at the travel agency planning the first trip most of the day. Will be in contact with everyone that has replied shortly.

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