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    I’d be interested to hear anyone’s recommendations on setting up a structure for an Aussie who wants to buy-and-hold +ve cashflow properties in NZ.

    Would a NZ Trust be better for this (easier to source finance from NZ lenders for an NZ entity?) or would an Australian Company/Trust (ala WealthGuardian) be better (structure is in the same country as the investor?)

    Would you set up one NZ entity for NZ purchases and a separate Australian entity for potential future Australian purchases, or try and keep them all together?

    Are there advantages to the kinds of structuring options available in Aus over NZ or vice versa?

    P.S. Can anyone email me a recommendations for an NZ accountant/lawyer, insurance broker, and/or mortgage broker that is experienced in dealing with Aussie property investors?

    (Mini? [:D])

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    Greetings SJS

    Can only advise on what I’ve done which is set up separate structure in Aust and NZ. Trust and company in each. If holding in NZ means less tax v’s Aust’s higher rates. If you only had an Aust. structure you’d pay tax on NZ earnings then receive a credit for what you’d paid in Aust. and pay the difference.

    E-mail me if you want the details of the professionals I’ve used. All seem to be on the ball and know what they’re about with experience dealing with Aussies – ntashkoff at



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    In my experience, lenders are not interested in a foreign entity structure. There is no security. Therefore, a New Zealand registered entity may be your only option.

    In terms of entity type, you should speak with a qualified lawyer and accountant who will advise based on your proposed investment strategy, tax considerations etc.

    I understand there are law changes in the works for New Zealand Trusts.

    — Michael

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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