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    Good question xyzzy,
    What are the chances of an audit?
    Anyone care to state that they have been audited?
    I was audited about 4 years ago, just a standard tax return, no properties. (Thankfully, everything checked out OK[;)])

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    I’m currently answering a nice little questionnaire from the tax office in regards to some courses I did in 2001/02.

    A ‘work related’ expense, but they’re asking me how many properties/shares did I own, and how many have I bought/sold since. It’s going to be a nightmare, and annoying, as the course had nothing to do with property!!![:(]


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    Let us not forget we all live (in Australia at least) in a world of taxation self assesment. We can claim what we like as a deduction, even the basset hound as a dependent AND THE ATO WILL ACCEPT THE RETURN.

    I agree with u xyzzy. Claim anything and everything that is an expense however make sure you can prove it. I have had some expenses knocked back in the past, and that’s fine, but many things have been successfully claimed where my accountant has said no way will it be. The key to all this is proof incase your are ever audited.

    Regards Bear

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