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    More advice

    Gee i’m real good at this

    work out your roles in the relationship, call me a traditionalist but this is how we work it.
    Janine gets all the little issues and i get to make decisions on all the big stuff.
    for instance janine decides where we live, what i do for work, where the kids go to school, what type of car we have, where we go for holidays.
    and i get the real important decisions like what our families opinion is about refugees and the recent happenings in Iraq.
    simple but it works for us.[:D]

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    LOL….well done Westan [:)]
    My hubby and I work on the same system. I think most marriages work that way, however a lot of men don’t even realise that their wives are making most of the decisions.[;)]
    Sue [:)]

    “Be careful not to step on the flowers when you’re reaching for the stars”

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    Well Richmond, because it is X-mas which is a time of goodwill and cheer I’ll ignore the fact that you are a journo and will throw in a nice story which has some good advice in it.

    There was a young greek couple who had been married about a year.

    They were very friendly with another couple who had been married for several years.

    The young guy gets his older friend aside and asked him for advice : Everytime I ask my wife to do something, make a cup of coffee, anything at all really, she replies ‘Do it yourself’

    Yet, you only have to wave your finger and your wife immediately jumps and goes and do what you askher to do. Why is there such a difference between the way your wife behaves and the way my wife treats me.

    Bill replied : Well Chris, this is how I trained my wife : the first weekend we were married we are sitting in the loungeroom and the cat brushed against my leg as it walked past.

    I immediately grabbed the cat by the tail, lifted it up and, grabbing the sabre which was lying next to my armchair, in one swoop I cut off the cat’s head.

    Ever since I only have to raise my finger and my wife does immediately what I want her to do.

    A light went on in Chris’ brain so next weekend he and his wife are sitting around the coffee table in their loungeroom and the cat happened to brush against his leg as it walked past him.

    chris immediately grabbed the cat by the tail with his left hand and, as he lifted it up, he grabbed with his right hand the sabre which he had strategically placed on the floor on his right side and moved to cut off the cat’s head.

    As he did so he looked at his wife. She was looking at him with a smile on her face and, as she was waving her right finger from side to side through the air she said : ‘Hahaha, you should have done that a year ago’.

    The moral of course Richmond, is to start training and educating your wife right from the start.




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    Both read “men are from Mars & Woman are from Venus” and also at a lighter level “Why men dont listen & Woman cant read Maps”

    Congrats to you both

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