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    oh what the hell its called Main Beach…I am renting there in something I could never afford to buy..well not at the moment anyhow

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    Hiya all, I am proving my staying power with my very first post – 15 pages!!!

    I live in Nowra (2 hours south of Sydmey), my closest neighbour seems to be someone in Wollongong (it was so many pages back I forgot your name, sorry). I am living proof that Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When we first moved here 3 yrs ago, we could have picked up a nice little brick and tile home for $93K. Same house now would be sold in the region of $300K. Didn’t have the know-how for creative finance then and thought we couldn’t afford it. Bugga.

    Anyway, am now launching self and family into investing for the very first time. Wish me courage. Luck makes itself with hard work.



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    Hi Guys

    Now living in Tokoroa, central North Island, New Zealand.
    Am now mowing a few lawns for some of the Aussies who have bought up much of the town and cleaning houses when the tenants have done a runner.


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    I live in Woodridge South Brisbane and if any one knows Brisbane they will probably ask why? Hey ya gotta start somewhere[:I]

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    Helensburgh – between Sydney & Wollongong.

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    Brisbane born but residing in O’Sullivan Beach


    GO CROWS!!!!!! GO LIONS!!!! GO CROWS!!!!

    Nice to mee you all~! _,,,=^..^=,,,_~_ meow!

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    Hi guys.

    I am from West Auckland, New Zealand.

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    Hello All

    I live in Concord,NSW..still very new to NSW..anyone care to tips me of this areas..Thank,MLBT


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    As per my forum nick — Gold Coast, Queensland !

    I’ve been here all my life and whilst I mainly rent… I plan on buying a property (either unit or house) within the next 12 months to live within whilst also investing. I’m sick of renting and there are still some really decent bargains around here on the Gold Coast.

    I found a unit via for $26,000 …. it was reduced by $15,000!! Gotta love those “motivated sellers” :D

    Wishing everyone radiant health!

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    I reside at, Carina, Brisbane, Qld, Australia, Sth Hemi, Earth, Solar system, Milky Way…..

    or something like that![daisy]


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    currenly living in Tokyo,Japan(the big Mikan)

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    Maroubra Beach…

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    Just moved out to coogee… nice change

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    Chapel Hill Heights

    Western Suburb of the River City

    Cheers Richard
    richard at
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    The sensations Sunshine Coast of Qld. Live in Buderim, work in Mooloolaba and people pay to come here!!! Although at the moment you would think it was the Sunshine Coast – weeks and weeks of lashing rain. Doesn’t matter!!

    Yasna & Simon

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    I’m from Carindale, Qld. Near where all the actions happening.


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    Nowhere in particular, everywhere. Housesitter – so all over the place. Have just moved from Inverloch (coastal Gippsland, Vic) to Carlisle River (Otways, Vic) on the road to nowhere. Am loving this.


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    Sorrento, Perth[biggrin]

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    Hi All

    First post

    Kalamunda WA in the hills

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    I am based at Moore Park Beach about 30 minutes north of Bundaberg in the Burnett Shire.
    The property market here is interesting – some people have holiday places and others reside here full time. I am lead to believe that about 700 fall into the 2nd category.

    The market here is what Redland Shire was about 25-30 years ago. massive property valuations over the past 3 years lead to the potential that Burnett will go the way of the neigbouring shires of Brisbane with mainly residential populations servicing a central hub.

    Anyone wanting to link up with be just visit my profile.

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