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    hey all just wondering, what is that everyone looks for when buying a home.

    i’ve got house’s i just looked at the figures and then buy, but now i’m after a home and i’m not to sure what i want, i’m only 20 and dont really need much just a room with a bed i guess, but i want a big house thats about it.. just wondering what sort of things i should look for as if i sold it, it would be a family that would buy it most likely, so things like built in robes? seperate living area’s.. ect..

    thanks guys, neo


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    3 or 4 bedroom houses are easier to sell than 2 bedroom houses, so maybe look at that.
    I think 2 bathrooms these days is a must (1 bathroom and an ensuite). Garage.
    In Victoria – Central heating!

    These are the most important factors to me, anyway.

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    Hey Neo,
    I agree with Pebbles’ points,(and yours)
    Also if you’re buying a big house that you will eventually on sell to a family, you need to be close to schools. Not just any school either, a good one. In Vic, some of the best schools have “zones’, so that you can only get in if you live in the zone.
    And don’t forget easy access to public transport.
    I know it is all the rage, but try not to buy a house with Stainless Steel appliances, they’re a nightmare!
    Hope this helps a little,
    Sue [:)]

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    Hi Sue,
    that’s interesting what you said re SS appliances.
    Mind to tell me your experience with the above, why it is a nightmare? Thanks Sue.

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    It depends a lot upon your budget too- but it’s good to have a wish list ;O)

    Sometimes it depends on if you want to get tenants or not. You might want lovely old stained-glass windows, but it might be more practical with tenants to have aluminium ones in case of breakage etc…

    If you’re going to get an apartment instead of a house, if you have a unit with a lift, a pool, gym, etc- and you’re renting it out, the body corporate fees and possible special levies for upkeep might eat away at your rent.

    Sometimes an IP can become a PPOR, or vice-versa, so you might want to think of all the features you want in a place and look for something similar. I think the way to work out what you like as features in a place is to check out many houses- go to open houses and see what attracts you :o)

    Re built in robes etc… apparently mirrored ones are considered the best these days, although I still think they’re vile :o) But yeah, you want BIW of some kind :)

    kay henry

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