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    I have an unapproved tenant in my IP that I have been trying to remove. The previous PM had allowed this person to be there and I only found out on the day of settlement he was unapproved.
    I was amazed to find out today that an unapproved person cannot be listed in Qld on the TICA data base as only people on the lease can be. This is a tenants defaulting data base.
    So if he does anything wrong he cant be listed.
    That sounds a bit unfair I would say to the poor old lessor!

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    Casey, seeing you have a property manager and you say there is an occupant of the property whose name is not on the lease, ask your PM to write to the tenants re the “boarder” moving out. I’m surprised the PM admitted knowledge of a person not on the lease living there. Or else change your PM as they are there to work for you, you are now the owner and you pay them to manage the property according to the management agreement you would have signed as a new owner. Tenants know when they sign a lease that only those on the lease are approved to live in the property and previous rental history checks are done on them from the references they provide. If the boarder/unapproved person trashes the place those on the lease are responsible as the other person is not supposed to be an occupant anyway.

    The reason the ‘unapproved’ person could not be listed on TICA would be that previously there has not been a lease in their name during which period they had a bad renting history for various reasons. I understand in Qld that changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (1994) commenced on 1st August 2003 and the Act says tenants can only be listed on a data base after a tenancy agreement has ended so – not on an agreement – not on TICA!!
    Makes sense. We have rental properties in Qld.

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    Without a doubt, have your property manager follow it up. There must be a reason why he was unapproved, and the longer he is there, the greater the risk to your investment.

    David Femia

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    Just checked out your webpage. Can you advise of a good quantity surveyor in West Oz? We have two investment properties in Mandurah that we need depreciation schedules on.

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