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    Hi there,,,
    This is a cut and paste….


    This is an urgent message directed to anyone that is planning to attend the talk by accountant Dale Gatherum-Goss at Footscray University this Thursday (16/10). Unfortunately there is an Australian wide Union protest against the Federal Govt on this day, and picket lines will be in place. The free room booked is no longer available. We have made last minute alternative arrangements and the meeting will still go ahead at the following venue; Keilor Park Community Hall, Thea Court, (off Collinson Street, off Fullarton Road, Keilor Park). Melways ref 15 D6. This hall only seats 40 people, and we have to pay for it. So we have to charge two dollars per person entry just to cover the hire. The first 40 get seats, the rest will have to stand. We will have coffee, and soft drinks for sale. Meeting starts at 7.00 p.m. I am sorry about the late notice, but this was out of our control. If you are interested in hearing Dale speak about hybrid trusts and general property taxation matters, come along. It might be a bit squeezy but it should be a good night. Any queries you can email me at [email protected]. Regards Graham Scott (Scotty)

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