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    Has anyone been to Ed Burton’s seminars which cost about $2000 for the weekend?

    is it beneficial

    has anyone bought Hans Jacobi’s books and were they beneficial?

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    Do a search on Ed Burton, he has been talked about a fair bit.



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    I purchased Hans Jakobis cash flow property course ‘super secrets to wealth’ after reading his book ‘How to be rich and happy’. I met Hans at the October 2002 Melbourne property investment expo (that expo is on again this October 17-19). After listening to his tapes several times, My wife and I flew to Cairns last November, bought 3 properties, then to Launceston, in January and bought one more, to Brisbane (Beenleigh, Eagleby, Woodridge) also in January for 3 more etc etc. I recommend Hans Jakobis methods which is similiar to Steves without wrapping. Without Hans input, and a few of Jan Somers. and Margaret Lomas’s books my wife and I wouldnt have the 10 investment properties we have now, and the unexpected bonus to this is the $250,000 ‘on paper’ capital growth we have received. I’m not saying this to brag, just to let you know that 12 months ago all we had was our own home, and a couple of good mentors changed all that.(including a great accountant in Dale Gatherum-Goss) I know Hans recommends Ed Burton, but I have no personal exposure to Ed. Regards, Scotty.

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    hi scotty,

    Great job! Scott, you mentioned something there that I would like to discuss with you more discreetly about one of your advisors. Can you please email me at [email protected]



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    Thanks Scotty,

    I have read two of Hans books and heard him on the local radio earlier in the year talking about the properties that he had purchased in Queensland(Beenleigh, Eagleby etc) but haven’t heard him speak or purchased his tapes etc. Congradulations on your success.


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    Hi Bribie,
    I am very interseted to know what Hans was saying about his Beenleigh properties as I purchased there last year.
    Would you mean dropping me an email? [email protected]

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    I really liked the Hans Jakobi book I read a couple of years ago… can’t think of its name. How much is his “Super Secrets to Wealth” course these days? And is it any good??


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    Congratualtions to you Scotty. Its great to hear stories like yours.


    Regards Bear

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