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    On the day we settled on a property I found out by accident that a person at the house was neither on the lease or approved. I asked the PM why wasnt he on the lease and she said
    “He is the father of the child at the house and the mother doesn’t want it acknowledged that he is the father living there. Just ignore that he is not on the lease etc”
    I could not believe what the PM had said.
    We have since found out from the neighbours that all the tenants over the past 12 years have been terrible. They have all been tenants from hell.
    One of the neighbours had to intervene in a possible stabbing of a tenant!
    This PM was only interested in getting the money each week from the previous landlord and did not care what type of tenants were there.
    I will ask more questions next time!
    We are trying to prove he does live at the house and is not a visitor.
    And yes we found another PM !

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    [:)]Hi Casey
    Check out the topic “selecting a PM” – there is a great post from someone on questions to ask a prospective PM

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    Hi Casey,

    The PM issue is huge !
    Where do you get a good PM whom you can trust?
    How much do they want to manage your IP’s?
    How do the tenants feel about them?

    I have been trying to build up a list of recommended PM’s in NZ within my site and so far after 2 weeks I have 3! I am not sure if someone in Aus has created one but I think it would be a great idea.

    Good Luck on your PM issues.

    Best Regards

    [email protected]

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