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    Hi Tas Investor,

    I’m fairly new to this site and came across one of your posts in the forum. I too live in Tassie, in the South of the State,and am just starting out into the world of investing. Was wondering where you’re from and how your investing is going.

    Nice to see someone from Tassie in the forum

    Cheers, Ernest

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    Hate to disappoint Ernest but I don’t think Tas lives in Tas……….[^]

    AD [:0)]

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    Hi Ernest,

    (sorry for the delay finding this post!)

    AD is right – I moved to Sydney two years ago with work. Used to be in Hobart, now I get back there about 1-2 times a year.

    Feel free to ask any questions about investing in Tassie. I have 3 properties in Hobart. Just sold one other to lock in some of the gains.

    Tas [:D]

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    Hi Ernest…

    Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

    I’ve lived in Tassie for the past 5 years and am loving it (just a little warmer would be nice.)

    Any other Taswegians out there?

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    Former Taswegian from the glorious north of the state! Been in Sydney for 4 years. Still have 3 IP and 3 blocks of land in Tas.

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    I born and bred in tassie also.. south, just near hobart. Ive been in sydney for last 6 months tho.. bit too fast paced for me, so im heading up to brisbane. Tassie will always be my home tho [:D]

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