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    I posted this on the Somerset Forum but as yet have not had a reply!
    Maybe someone here is more enlightened!

    “Actually, does anyone know what happened back in the Keating days when -ve gearing was suspended for that period? Was it only new players that were affected? Was it only interest that was disallowed, or all deductions that would send it -ve, like depreciation, council rates, body corp etc? I wasn’t into the property game back then!

    Regards, Fester”

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    Good morning Fester

    Jan discussed this in one of her books …… trouble is I don’t recall which one it was in now.

    Specifically I’m unsure as to exactly which deductions were disallowed during those years.

    Maybe a call to Keating himself may provoke some reminiscing for him.

    Sorry I am unable to help any further

    Take care
    Dave [:)][:)]

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    Jans book is “More Wealth from Residential Property”. Pg 228

    I hope this helps

    Calron the Alcamist
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    ru guys worried about the government removing negative gearing allowances?

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    No, but apparently the Democrats want to abolish positive gearing

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