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    hi again guys, thanks to all who read my forum last time and gave some support.

    for those of you who dont know, my name is brady and im 12. i have read alot about the property market and i need some help on the following things, please use your big rich hearts to reply coz i need help!!!!

    i need help on wraps, some good trustworthy plans, some refferals, a way to research the boom areas in victoria. thats all, thanks guys!!!

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    Hey Bradyboy,


    my name is brady and im 12

    If you are “12” you are too young to be acquiring property!!

    Wraps – get yourself a copy of Steve’s Wraps tapes
    Plans – only you can do this – what are your goals for now and the future. Work this out and then you will be able to put your plans in place to achieve your goals.
    Referrals/Research – talking to local councils, real estate agents, reading local newspapers etc.
    etc. is the way to do this.

    All of us on this forum had done our own research, so you should do the same. If you have specific questions about the research that you have done then you will get answers/responses, but don’t expect to get help/answers when you put questions like this on the forum


    need help on wraps, some good trustworthy plans, some refferals, a way to research the boom areas in victoria.

    Good Luck with your research.


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    Hi Bradyboy,

    If you are 12 years old, its great that your taking an interest in your future [^]. However, one of your biggest hurdles in property investing will probably be credibility. Perhaps its a stereotype we’ve come to accept that most 12 year olds are out rollerblading, skateboarding or playing Playstation 11 etc.
    How do you think you will come across to a real estate agent when you tell them you want to buy a property?
    How do you propose to get finance (unless you already have 100% finance) from a lender, when you are not working etc…Low Doc or No Doc loans would not really apply in your situation (I guess you could always appeal against these stipulations on these loans).
    The next problem is trying to convince potential wrappers that you are serious and responsible enough to sell them a house under vendor terms. Resentment that someone so young is trying to sell them a home, when they can’t afford one, might be a likely scenario when you meet these people (if you get to that stage).
    I recommend that you team up with a adult family member you trust, find out more about wrapping, do your research and then let your adult team member be the ‘face’ of your enterprise.
    Good luck with your venture.
    Sooshie [:)]

    “small steps make the journey” (SAS)

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    hello again brady…

    as I have said before IF you are fair dinkum,
    don’t worry too much about property at your age… read some books by all means but go kick a footy, or chat up some girls… much more fun.


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    I think more 12 yr olds should be wanting to be the next Gorden Gekko.

    This is a joke I’m afraid

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