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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve recently discovered this site and it has me glued. A bit about my background. My partner & I are in our 30s and have recently paid off our mortgage. Our house is eastern suburbs of Melbourne and worth about 360K. We currently have a combined income of $200K gross and are good savers.

    Here’s my dilemma: I have been bought up in a family with a strong work ethic but without any clue about investing. I have been reading like crazy to try to educate myself- Jan Somers, Kiyosaki, Wakelin, Clitheroe etc – but would really value knowing some like minded people. I’m wondering if there is a group of like minded people who meet regularly to discuss property investment strategies?

    If anyone would be willing to act as a mentor, or simply meet over coffee and share ideas – please let me know.
    Seeking Wisdom and Wealth Creating friends!

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    You guys are in a sensational position – well done

    Treat this forum as a mentor, any questions or thoughts simply post them here, we are all willing to help…

    Best of luck

    Pete Williams

    …Beware of the dreamtakers…

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    $200K!!!!!! & you say you’re in a dilemma. Wish I had your problem. Why bother wuth loans. Just go out and purchase properties.You are in a very good posititon, take advantage of it.



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    Dear Wisdom

    I too was looking for like minded people to discuss strategies and what’s up but have found this forum is fantastic – you just need to login regularly i.e. each day. Yes its a bit outthere at first but you get used to it.

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    Thanks everyone for your messages of support.

    I know we are in a fortunate earning situation $$$ wise, but I can’t (and don’t want) to continue working in such a high pressure environment forever. There is more to life that working 12 – 14 hours per day. This is why I want another income stream!! I’m inspired to get on with it and continue logging onto this forum to learn from you guys.

    Cheers for now,

    Seeking Wisdom

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    Hi Wisdom,[:)]
    The property area can be very interesting and rewarding, however you need to tread carefully and educate yourself, but do be aware of costly seminars and sales orientated seminars. There are a few simple rules that help with property investment such as – never buy without a written bank valuation – land appreciates and buildings depreciate – buy in an area with an increasing population and economic growth etc.
    If you would like a mentor, I may be able to help as my wife and I also live in Melbourne.

    Bryce Inglis
    [email protected]

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    after all the reading you’ve done surely you can see that you’ve been in the presence of like minded people? As i’ve mentioned in replies to similar posts “educate,learn,educate’ do your figures, figures ,figures and as a wise man once said to me ” jump off the cliff!”
    Your confidence will tell you when to act.
    I’ve studied property investing for the past 4 years and it was only after attending the recent ‘MASTERS SEMINAR’that I had the absolute burning desire to take ACTION!!!!!

    It is so wonderful to see this site attracting so many like minded people !!


    ” A true warrior sees misfortune as a challenge,not as a curse.”

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