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    As the tenant of the property concerned I was quite happy with the outcome from this story, but as an investor I was quite surprised!

    Yesterday we had our first quarterly inspection of the property we are renting. Now although we’re clean and make sure we respect the property as someone else’s, we’re also young, and accidents do happen!!

    Firstly there’s the dartboard and the alcohol related marks around it from our house warming party , secondly there’s the hole in the wall (which is also related to alcohol), and then there’s the garage wall… I’ll just say that the car only just fits [:O]!

    I wasn’t home for the inspection but my house mate Scott was around to make the young rental manager welcome. She passed us with straight ticks and I think he even got her number [;)].

    Before we leave I think I’ll give the landlord a call to let him know he should consider a new rental agent… and to ask him for the paint colour [:D]!!

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