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    Cant wait to see it good on you!

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    Congratulations Steve and co… Bought “the” book first thing this morning at QVB for $29.95… Started reading on the train this evening and I nearly missed my stop… Great reading especially for a newbie like me…

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    hi steve, saw you on monday night on aca, just wondering though!! when starting out and you do buy your first place what if rental is ok but suddenly your looking for another tennant!!! this could slow your next purchase down as the income is usually required by finance companies to loan you more, what happens here??? what guarantees are ther for you to always have a tennant, i understand it would be ok after you have a few properties as they would be covered for short periods, however theres still the question!

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    Hi Steve

    Congratulations on the release of your new book… I tried to locate a copy on the North side of Brisbane today but failed. [xx(]

    I will order the book online this evening.

    Looking forward to being enlightened by your knowledge.


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    Wow. Thanks Steve. [:X]
    We ordered your book, Fast Track and Buyer Beware and got the lot for the $9.95 postage which as you have pointed out really is a freebie. [:)] so what a bargain. [:D]

    Saw you on Today Tonight last night Channel 7 Perth. We are ready to get 100 properties in next 4-5 years. Already have 4. No doubt will have lots of questions in the next few weeks.[8)] 2 properties per month for 3 years and we are out of the rat race.[^]

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    G’day Steve and everyone, now that I am aware that half of Australia is reading this great book; will I have to invest OS?[8]
    I feel like I may have missed the boat!?

    My wife wants me to stop working and start concentrating on this straight away, scary isn’t it?[}:)]

    I also like your icons![8D]

    I would also like to know how long for delivery, as I (well, my wife actually!!) really can’t wait?

    alebam. [:X]

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    Hey Westan, you know me far too well [;)]

    When I got to Dymocks in Pitt St they were sold out, and I have to wait another 10 days for new stock!

    Steve – looks like the combo of today tonight and a winning book itself (and your legion of followers) will prove an awesome result!

    I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a copy today.

    Tas [:D]

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    Alebarn: I ordered it first thing Mon morning, and by Wed lunchtime saw it wedged in my letterbox : )

    First impression of the cover was why use a CBD full of -ve geared apartments (like other property books)? Surely a non-descript country house would have been better. But then I warmed to the cover photo, recognising it as Perth!

    Only up to p117, but couldn’t put it down all last night and intend to finish reading tonight.


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    G;day Steve
    We will see you at the book launch in Melbourne on the 15th, so we’ll be able to purchase a book and have you sign on the night. Just downloaded your interview from Today Tonight of their website we do not get the program in Nambucca Heads. The interview is precise and enthusiastic. Job well done, you are a marvel.
    Dynamic Duo[^]

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    Gday STeve Just to let you know that since your appearance on today tonight nearly all book stores in perth have sold out
    COngratulations on that however i am waiting for my copy which i ordered online
    Once AGain Congratulations

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    Hi all
    Congradulations Steve on a very well written book.
    I missed your show unfortunately, however I am lucky to own an A&R store and watched as the 10 copies we ordered literally ran out the door.
    I grabbed the last copy and started reading as soon as I got home, finished the book around 3.30am, even followed your instruction to put the coffee on.

    I have been looking to negative gear and thankfully have not signed off. my agent was a little suprised yesterday when i told him to forget “those type” of properties,especially as we were so close to doing a deal.He hasn’t read this book yet but has ordered one thru me, probably to shut me up.
    Great book, well done[:)]

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    Hey Steve,
    the book is brilliant, I am only a little way through but it is so much different to what I expected – so personal and so readable!! So much so that I decided to start from the beginning and read it out loud to our resident 12 year old after dinner tonight (!!!!!) then I asked him ‘so whaddya think, me reading you out loud an adult book about property investing?’ He said ‘It’s pretty good’.


    And it looks a million bucks too! (funny that)


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    Hi kids,

    I bought the book from QBD – the book shop. They are having a sale, 12% off everything, so I paid just $26.36, even though they had to order it in for me, as it was out of stock.

    What a deal!!! Check it out![:D][:D][:D]

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    PS, excellent book, very easy to read and very informative for the newbie.

    Bought it on Thursday, finished reading it on Saturday.

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    Bought it on Thursday, the last one in my local store. I reckon your today tonight segment would have attracted a fair bit of business. It’s what got me interested as I was already reading books about property investment. Upto the last bit about negative gearing now.

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