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    Today’s edition of the Financial Review (Page 57)has a half page advertisement (expensive) from Henry Kaye “Australia’s Leading Property Investment Presenter” saying that he has had enough of being misrepresented by his critics and it is time to speak out. He goes on to say that he has never been given a FAIR GO by the media and how he educates his clients about the dangers of “get rich quick” schemes and how to avoid being “ripped off”. Also on page 70 is a further advertisement, as directed by ASIC, regarding the discontinuation of litigation against HK.

    I think HK is in damage control at the moment.

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    David U,

    I agree with you 100%. However the issue is not whether people are making uneducated decision on joining his seminars but

    1. HK and the NII promises a MONEY BACK Guarantee that all money will be refunded if the customer is not satisfied with the course.

    2. Sales tactics in pressuring people to join can be classified as being unethical.

    You, the consumer, have a right to cancel any services from a company like the NII before obtaining a service from them and receive a FULL refund.

    This is quite clear in the Goods Act(Vic) and Trade Practices Act.

    Thats what I think these people and myself included are unhappy about.

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    Hi vluu27

    I understand what you are saying but I feel that’s closing the stable door AFTER the horse has bolted.

    My point was that UPFRONT research would have uncovered these distasteful tactics that yourself and many people are unhappy with; ie a refund would not have been required as the research would have led you to the correct decision in the first place.

    All this is of course irrelevant now as the money has now been spent. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a refund as per the ASIC ‘loophole’, so good luck with that.

    I really do get mad about people constantly getting ripped off with one scam after another… but it continues and will continue ad infinitum and a day.

    Unfortunately as we continue to behave like ‘humans’ and seek out that quick fix, things will remain constant.

    Nigerian letter scam… $5 Billion (US) and counting… Need I say anymore?


    David U

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    What is the old saying, “A fool and his/her money are soon parted”.
    Has anything changed?
    It continues to astound me that people are:
    still forking out to HK courses.
    Are still forking out to buy into high rise apartments, for investment reasons.
    Yes, lets find someone, anyone to blame, as long as it is not yourself.
    Are you telling me I should do my own research?, read this web page?do some reading?
    Who is this Jan sommers anyway?
    This all sounds just too hard, HK must have the answers, and he has this fantastic well oiled machine behind him, he is wealthy himself. He must know what he is talking about. I think I would much rather be spoon fed then have to do all this hard work and my own research, my brain cells just don’t work that way.

    Don’t you also love the media, HK in the spotlight and now the whole property market is in a free fall down. Well, it always pays to add the extra drama factor.
    Aren’t we a naive and unsceptical and accepting lot of people, exception of course you good folks on the forum!

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    Hi all

    Beware he is back already. [:D]

    Yesterday’s Herald Sun carried a half page ad on Page 31 with the headline
    ” Henry Kaye …. “Business as Usual” “

    The fine print states that all regulatory scrutiny of his education programs has been successfully resolved and that the ASIC have decided to discontinue its litigation because he will ” absolutely comply with voluntary undertakings with ASIC”. [:O]

    I wonder what will happen next, now HK has been given the key to his cell.

    A book perhaps?
    Anyone willing to predict the next chapter ?

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