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    I am thinking about buying an investment property in Heatherton, Victoria. As I am from Sydney, I really do not have any knowledge of this area at all (or the surrounds). Is there somebody out there who can give me more information about the area.

    The things I am interested in are:

    1) distance from Melbourne CBD

    2) distance from a closer CBD (if applicable)

    3) website that will give me more information on this area – (I have looked at so far)

    Any other information which you think would be useful for me.

    Thanks so much

    Go Girl [:)]

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    G’day go girl,

    this might be of some use….

    Extracted from…

    1 Start at ELIZABETH STREET MELBOURNE SE 464 meters 40 Seconds

    2 Turn left FLINDERS STREET MELBOURNE E 694 meters 59 Seconds

    3 Turn right BATMAN AVENUE MELBOURNE SE 1.84 kms 2:15 Minutes

    4 Continues as SOUTH EASTERN FREEWAY MELBOURNE SE 56 meters 2 Seconds

    5 Continues as CITYLINK MELBOURNE SE 5.46 kms 3:09 Minutes

    6 Continues as MONASH FREEWAY KOOYONG SE 7.04 kms 4:06 Minutes

    7 Continues as WARRIGAL HIGHWAY EXIT CHADSTONE SE 5.82 kms 7:19 Minutes

    8 Turn left OLD DANDENONG ROAD OAKLEIGH SOUTH SE 3.37 kms 4:57 Minutes

    End 24.74 kms 23:27 Minutes


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    Thanks for your prompt reply Watto! I checked the site out – great resource!

    another question – I’ll put it bluntly – what kind of place is Heatherton. As I said before, I don’t know Melbourne at all, and I would love some more info. Is it a new area? what is the socio-economic level like? are there things to do in the area? How close is it to the ocean?

    the bottom line is – why would a person choose to rent in Heatherton?

    thanks for your time all your forumites out there!


    Go Girl

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    Hi there. Heatherton is no where near the ocean. about is an outer suburb. i looked up and was surprised to see the costs for both rental and sales in that area. i guess it must be ok nowadays. (traditionally a bit daggy) good luck.[:)][:)]

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    Hi Go Girl

    Heatherton had a reputation to being a slum/druggies area like Dandenong, but not as bad.

    But image is changing – a big developer (Mirvac ??) has been building on all the land around the Kingston Rehabilitation Centre ( near Cnr. Kingston and Warrigal Rds – south of Kingston Rd).

    The Kingston Heath Golf Course is next door. – Along Kingston Road. To the east it is market gardens and nursuries.

    To the North, on east side of Warrigal Rd, there is a new Clive Peters Outlet plus others being built in between Bunnings and the South East Water / United Energy Depots.

    This area is under the Kingston Council. I heard the other day that this Council has great things on its agenda for the next 7 years to improve the previously known slum areas within its Council boundaries and Heatherton is high on the list.
    Has already started with the new developments.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi there,

    Nessie’s right about the plans for that area and it’s true the area has a slightly better reputation than neighbouring (vincinity of) Noble Park, Dandenong. Clayton which is close by is seeing it’s boom now. Just know your prices and do your homework before you jump in.
    However, as I live less than 5 minutes from that very corner, it would be nice if they didn’t overdevolope that area. I love driving past the market gardens and sometimes stopping for fresh produce, eggs etc.
    Mirvac made HUGE bucks down there (and will continue to do so). It’s very close to Southland, business parks, Moorabbin Airport…
    Dingley/Dingley Village is also close by as is Springvale shopping area…

    Sooshie [:)]

    “small steps make the journey” (SAS)

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    You will find Heatherton is not 30klms from the beach, Id say about 7klms or 10 minutes in the car.

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