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    Can anyone recommend a good conveyencor for property investment ?

    I am very dissapointed with my own solicitors. They seem quite unprofesional in their client approach. They don’t keep me informed. They don’t educate me about the process.

    When ever they email me they don’t address me by name. It’s just “you got to do this or that or we need this or that” They don’t anticipate things in advance quickly and advise me.

    I guess I’m expecting too much, but I’m feel I must be able to do better than what I have. They just dont seem very pleasant. They won’t do the searches until they get my cheque, even though they know I will loose on tax several thousand dollars ( $6000 ) if the property does not settle this financial year. I mean I paid them before for my last property, so they should trust me to come good with the cash.

    It sux ! I have had a gut full of them, but I cant change now as time is too short for this transaction, yet the way they are going, I will miss out on my prepaid tax refund anyway.


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    where are you located???

    …Beware of the dreamtakers…

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    Hey, I understand your gripes about Solicitors. I have worked in legal offices for over 25 years and can tell which ones are good and bad. The good ones will explain everything to you. The bad ones – well your comments say it all.

    But using a Conveyancer ! – I don’t believe that a Conveyancer will be any better and a bad Solicitor.

    This year have purchased 3 IP’s with Conveyancers on the other side – 1 still not settled yet. The other 2 wouldn’t have settled on the day if it hadn’t been for Hubby (a Solicitor by the way – and a very good one) who had to explain to the Conveyancers what was supposed to happen at the settlement.
    The Conveyancers wanted to walk away from the settlements even before they had taken a seat and opened their file, then charge us penalty interest and extra settlement fees – all because they didn’t think or try to think about making sure the settlement would go ahead.

    Their attitude was all wrong and were amazed that settlement actually went through. One comment was “this is the first time we have actually settled first time round” [:O]

    Plus there was absolutely no thought given by the Conveyancer for the parties involved in the transactions who were relocating to other properties and had all their belongings packed in a moving van.

    The experience I have had with Conveyancers has always been bad – Section 32’s are usually defective and if the file is not plain sailing then the matter becomes all too hard for them and can’t resolve the problems. The easy road is taken. They can’t think outside the square so they walk away.


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    I have always used a solicitor and it has always settled without hassle and on time. I have yet to approach the subject of ‘wraps’ and test their knowledge and therefore will contact the ones recommended by Steve. Better to deal with someone who consistantly does them rather than a novice, which is what I will be wrapping. Once I have the ‘hang’ of it, there will be no holding back and will have the knowledge to drive myself.

    Cheers [:)]

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    I have a fantastic solicitor who is 100% professional, has extremely reasonable rates and has offices above his jazz bar in a trendy CBD lane where you can drink wine or latte’s during consultations.
    Last year when my finaance fell through while dealing with an “Investment” finance broker my solicitor helped arrange finance through another broker and they pulled out all stops to get settlement through. Even though a recision notice was issued & I paid penalty interest all parties won. Im sure it would have been a total disaster if I had a conveyancer.
    If you are purchasing for investment solicitors are more likely to have the resources needed & its tax deductible, but find a good one

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    Hi Everyone

    Any recommendations for a good solicitor in Brisbane, preferably northern areas of Brisbane eg Redcliffe Kallangur areas????

    Thanks in advance

    ps: initial property purchase was a disaster with an imbecile for a solicitor

    Take care
    Dave [:)]

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    Yea my bank loans manager aint much better either. Hes always busy, has little time to discuss matters property. eager to lend, but no time to explain the ins and outs of the products and services.

    Forgot to tell me the cut off date to change my product over to a fixed interest loan so I could pre-pay my interest this financial year. Too late now :/

    has misscaculated the stamp duty on my next property after all loan forms have been processed. He used the owner occupied calculation instead of the investment calculation.

    Hence I’m now looking for a new loans manager.

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