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    Money magazine – Renters and landlords, p80.

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    Thanks for this – as a long term tenant about to turn into a landlord, its a great reminder about the “other side” – those who feel they have some sort of rights when they live in MY house. Any further suggestions/comments to help newbie owners will be appreciated I am sure!

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    Michael and Kaye

    I really love reading your posts, that are always informative, based on experience and most of all shared unselfishly.

    I did ask Brent if you were at the Seminar last week, I would have liked to meet you.

    Maybe we will get a chance one day.

    Leigh K[:D]

    Read, learn, grow but most of all just do it.

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    Micheal & Kaye, great tips,great reality check.We’ve been so consumed with the ‘deal’ side of things we almost forgot about the dark side.There’s no substitute for experience.I also appologise for the mess I left that was to be your reply to ‘ICE BREAKER’.My computer litteracy is similar to my financial litteracy…..improving.

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    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for posting up that list, it was an interesting read!

    Being 19 and having many friends that rent, I know a lot of people with terribly uncooperative landlords.

    Remember that just as we are learning how to get the best deal for us, tenants have every right to negotiate a good deal for them. While it is true that the title of the house may not be in their name, it is the tenant’s home – and they have the right to be comfortable in it

    I think the lesson to learn from this list is that a tenant shouldn’t have to ‘bargain’ with his landlord just to get a reasonable deal. As Steve says, property is about people and the landlord’s offer should already be great for the tenant. By saying ‘no’ to any request the tenant may have you are hardly creating a win-win outcome!

    My 2 cents worth anyway =)


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    We are lucky so far to have good tenants. I manage the IP close to home. The previous tenants even helped my daughter with her homework [:)] & showed potential tenants around before they moved to their new house. I brought the lady flowers when she was sick. The current tenants are very nice too. They all transfer money directly to my bank account monthly. We meet for coffee & chat when we have a chance.

    The agent manages our 2nd IP. The tenants rang us when they couldn’t get prompt service from the agent. We had to drive 300 km twice to see them. When the builder came to fix things within the 90 days warranty period they didn’t mind to come home from work to open the door. They even planted new shrubs for us.[:D]

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    Great tips Michael & Kaye. Thank you.
    Again, it’s all about people. After all, we do need the tenant to keep this whole ball rolling. How much smoother does everything seem to run when you try and make it a win-win situation? It’s a shame that Landlords have received such a bad rap in the past.
    On the “hot-water thing”, could you say to the tenant “Sure, if that’s what you really want. However, you’re rent will have to be increased to cover the costs.” Does that sound like a viable option?
    Thanks again.

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