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    I came across an example today where a member using Internet Exploder (opps… Explorer!) version 6 had trouble logging in to the forum.

    He could sign in and the forum rules page came up, when when he clicked proceed he was taken back to the log in area.

    After much discussion the cause of the problem was found to be that his system was not allowing a cookie to be installed from the server.

    The way around the problem was:

    1. Select the Tools menu

    2. Select Internet Options

    3. Select the Privacy Tab

    4. Select Edit at the bottom of the window

    5. This will bring up a window titled “Per Site Privacy Actions”. In the Address Of Website line type in: then click the ‘Allow Button’.

    6. Then click OK to close the “Per Site Privacy Actions” window.

    7. Then click APPLY.

    Having done this it should all work OK!

    If you have any problems then please let us know.


    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

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    Success comes from doing things differently

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