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    Does anyone know or is anyone a member of Dollarforce. I would love to hear some feedback about them as I am thinking of joining up.

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    Hi there,

    I went to their web site… and looked at what they offer. For people who don’t have time, it looks good, BUT remember, they need to get paid for what they do, then the people they work for want their cut and you get what’s left over. This may not be the case and they could be very reputable but try to find out where on the ‘food chain’ you are. Steve mentions this in his last newsletter, perhaps you should sign up for it…It’s free and easy to read (even for bleary-eyed mums like me [|)]). It’s not really a mantra, but Steve’s been around for a while and makes excellent sense, so do the research then decide.

    Another thing about these ‘one stop shop’s’ is like with bank accounts. You may not always use the available features of the account, but you do pay for it. Sometimes a ‘no frills’ approach will save you. What I mean, is that you may not use all the features by being a member but your membership fee or whatever costs, may go to supporting these fees for other members. It’s just a thought though.

    You don’t mention why you are interested in this company. Perhaps this would be useful to know so that others may be able to suggest things pertinant to yourself.

    Either way I wish you luck and I hope this info is useful to you.


    Sooshie [:)]

    It’s all our imperfections that make us perfect!

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    Hi again,

    I also couldn’t find the price for these services. A representative will call you 3 days afterwards to ‘assist’ you with your application. If it’s free. Good. If not, what else do you get with your members card?

    Check it out


    It’s all our imperfections that make us perfect!

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    I just came past your message and was wondering how your experience went with the firm you were asking about?


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